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Bradford in Action

Bradford’s culture is based around the School Values of:
  •             Kia Runga Rawa (Aiming High)
  •    Respect
  •            Awhina (supporting / helping others)
  •            Empathy
  •            Integrity                         

Every week we meet together as a whole school for our Values Assembly where we focus on an aspect of our values to weave into our learning and play  in the classroom, playground and day to day interactions with others.  

Our curriculum is based around rich authentic learning experiences that develop us as a whole.  The key competencies of:

  •      Managing Self                                                                          
  •      Relating to others
  •      Thinking
  •      Participating and Contributing
  •      Language, Symbols and Text

are woven into our learning programmes.  We believe wholeheartedly with The New Zealand Curriculum that these competencies are required for active and positive contribution within our society.  That they are not separate or stand-alone. That they are the key to learning in every learning area.

Here at Bradford we provide many daily opportunities for our learners to practise and model the K.Cs.  We are particularly proud of programmes such as:

Passion Projects

Buddy Learning Programmes

The Bradford Badges

Our School Council

Our EOTC opportunities

Our Arts Programme

The Levels Programme

Buzzy Bees  (Transition to School Programme)

If you would like more information about any of these opportunities then please contact us.