School Orchard Project

Published on Tuesday, 24 June 2014, 11:50 p.m. Print Article

Room 5 have been busy working on a special project for our whole school!  The 'Green Fingers' inquiry learning from Term 1 lead to an amazing idea of creating our very own school orchard.
We have a gully beside our school that currently doesn't really get utilised, so Room 5 investigated the idea of turning this area into an Orchard.  They sent questions to experts, gathered quotes for prices of fruit trees and berry bushes to get an idea of the cost.
Ms Little's husband, Ben, who is a landscaper came in to look at the site and listened to Room 5s ideas to create a plan.  He advised them where the best spot in the gully would be and what types of plants would grow well.
Room 5 they put together a presentation that they shared with the Board of Trustees.  The Board thought their idea was fantastic and appreciated all the work they had put into sharing their great idea!
We applied to the Bendigo Valley Trust and were granted $2000 towards the project! 
Stage 1 is now complete, with the gully now cleared and a little gravel road put in for easy access.  The next stage is to get a digger in to make the tiers for the trees.  Stage 3 will be planting the trees.  Anyone in our community can help by 'Sponsoring a Tree' for $40.
We will post some photos once it is complete.  We hope it will be a wonderful resource for the children and our school community for many years to come!

Draft Orchard Plan