Big Business at Bradford

Published on Tuesday, 6 August 2013, 12:18 a.m. Print Article

Term 2 has been a productive and busy learning time for all students at Bradford School.  We have created our own economy, complete with a bank and student led businesses!
Aleks designed our school currency and named it Bradford Buckaroos.  Thanks Ricoh for sponsoring the printing of our money!

Each class brainstormed possible businesses, with the goal of selling products and services to other children and parents at a Market Day.  We wanted to try and make a profit.  Once ideas had been agreed on everyone was able to apply for a job in a business as the C.E.O., Accountant, Marketer or as workers.  A school Warehouse called 'Hot Deals' was set up by a group of students for businesses to purchase their resources from.

Each business projected their costs, including wages which were paid for each session the business team met.  All businesses needed to apply for a bank loan.  The Bradford Bank, run by pupils, had a very reasonable rate of just 5% interest!

Some businesses had regular weekly selling days to build their funds as they went and others held Mini-Markets over the term. 

Before the big Market Day businesses were given space in the school newsletter to advertise their products.

We had a really big turn out on the day with lots of Mums, Dads and whanau here to buy our products.  We also got to spend our hard earned buckaroos. 

Some of the products on offer were:  snowmen, jewellery, brownie mix, fudge, smoothies, sunflowers in a pot, comics, bookmarks, pet rocks, trendied up kids clothes, play dough, game in a bag and puzzles.

We had such a great term of learning and a great community day to top it all off.  Can't wait until next year!

Market Day 2013