Term 1 Week 2
Welcome to the first (and hopefully not the last) wiki post of the year.
Leader's Day was a great success with over 40 children actively involved in learning about the leadership opportunities available at Bradford.  A big thank you to KVC Head Boy, Cameron, who came and spoke to us about the qualities of a good leader - it certainly was a positive way to start the day.
Our first task was rather tricky - we had to stack 5 paper cups in a pyramid shape without touching the cups. We were given one rubber band and 4 pieces of string.  All the team had to be involved at the same time
Such concentration - easy does it!
Then we had four rotations:
School Council:  Mrs Mitchell-Bain told the kids all about being on the school council and there was some great discussion and interesting ideas flying in the library.
Busy heads thinking here - I wonder what cunning plans they are coming up with
Buddy Reading:
Jo taught us how to be a good reading buddy to younger kids
Just perfect - what lovely caring buddies these two are going to make
Enviro Group
Mrs Nerdorf inspired us all with her enviro group which aims to reduce waste as well as look after our planet
And PALs
We had fun playing some of the games that PALs can lead at lunch times
You're quite safe - as long as you're wearing a red bib.  Look out if you're not!
Good luck with your applications everyone.
The SPCA lady who brought two of her dogs to school today had one simple message: if you're going to get a pet, please look after it.
The dog she brought were rescued by the SPCA and adopted by her.  They had been mistreated by their previous owner and one of them still doesn't like men.
A pet needs:  food, love and attention, shelter and exercise. 
Most people would put ham, lettuce, tomato, maybe egg in their sandwiches, but these kids decided that they would make super sandwiches.  Instead of 'normal' fillings, they had marshmellows, jam, banana, cherrios, chocolate biscuits and whipped cream!  After reading a story about some children who made their own sandwiches with what they could find in the fridge, we decided to do the same.  Look at the results:
Thank you to all our mums, dads and whānau who helped at our cheese roll
fundraiser over the weekend.  All money helps towards EOTC (education
outside the classroom) activities which includes subsidising swimming, bus trips
and camps ... just to name a few!
Room 5 and 6 trip to Otakou Marae
Buddy Reading
Look at these photos.  What an awesome, special time the Room 6 senior children had with Rooms 1 and 2. 
Soccer Sessions
     This was a really cool game - we had to stand up straight and when the whistle blew, we had to see who could bend down and grab the cone between us.  If we lost, we had to do something like push-ups.
Check out the footwork -
We think we're becoming quite skillful at soccer as each week we do drills and have a game with the coaches. 
Kapahaka Welcomes Students
Once again overseas students were welcomed to New Zealand / Dunedin / the University of Otago by a wonderful kapahaka performance. 
The audience came from all over the world and for most of them, this was the first time they had seen kapahaka.  They looked really interested and took heaps of photos.
Drumming with Koffee
Man!  This was awesome - again.  Most of us remember when Koffee came last year and we were really excited to see him here again.  He taught us about the drums, the different sounds they made and where they came from.  Then he taught us some rhythms.
The whole school got to have a turn.  When it was Room 5's turn they had to come down from the tennis court because it was too hot and they played right outside the library, under the shade sail.  Mrs Tobin was trying to teach us some writing but it was almost impossible to hear so we gave up!
At the end of the day, parents were invited to come and hear the songs that we had been playing.  It was super awesome and we hope he can come again next year.
Balmac Cross Country
Ready!  Steady!  GO!
On the 22nd March Bradford Year 5 & 6's went to Balmacewen to run the West Zone cross country. 
Year 5 girls ran first.  It was tricky as there were lots of other girls who were as fast as.  Gracie took the lead at first but before the big hill I (Summer) passed her and another girl. 
Then it was the Year 5 boys who ran, but unfortunately none of them came in the top 10.  They all ran very well though.
At the start of the Year 6 girls race I (Nika) found it was very squsihy and lots of people were telling us to move over and they were pushing in.  When I was half way a girl tried to get past me so I had to run faster.  I was always counting how many people were in front of me so I could be in the top 10.
Year 6 boys ran last.  There were lots of boys and it was a tough race. 
After the races there was a presentation.  People were called out from 10th place up to 1st place.
The results were ...
     Emma 9th
     Nika 5th
     Mason 5th
     Isaiah 4th
And last but not least -
     Gracie 2nd
and Summer 1st
The top 10 runners get to go to the Otago Champs later in the year.
Not everyone got in the top 10 but everyone felt like a winner.
Cross Country
Year 5 and 6 walked the BIG cross country.  Before we went we had to think about some things that could go wrong and as we walked we learnt about safety things like sneaky driveways, walking on the left side of the road, and to always stay on the footpath and not take a shortcut across the street.  We had to be careful of the dogs barking too. 
It was a long way and the hill is huge!
I wonder how we'll go when we have to run it!
  Here we are looking pretty fresh and fit.
Phew!  That hill is massive.
Andy Wright - Storyteller
On Thursday 3rd March Andy Wright came to school and told us stories.  He started by telling us that his mother and Grandmother were blind so as a little boy he used to listen to them telling heaps of stories.
He told us the story about Koala and Kangaroo from Australia.  The story was about a kangaroo taking a koala to find water and the koala tricked the kangaroo into digging all the holes himself.  In the end, the kangaroo pulled the koala's tail off because he was drinking all the water and wouldn't let the kangaroo have any.  And that is why koalas don't have any tails.
The Year 5 and 6's were lucky because they got to do a workshop with Andy Wright.  He told us stories about his childhood and he helped us to use different voices to show different characters.  He taught us how to write more interesting stories about things we were familiar with.  We had to think about the Who, What and Where of a story.  He then used some of our ideas to tells us a story.  We got to act out animals and use different voices.
Walk ' Wheel to School Week
This week was Walk n' Wheels week which is a week where you walk to school as often as you can and if you do it every day you can go in the draw to win some prizes.  The idea is to get exercise for the cross country.  On Wednesday we walked with the teachers.  Some teachers went to KV and walked along to the school that way.  Some of the teachers went to the Z petrol station and walked from there.  It was fun doing the Walk 'n Wheels week.
We have had two goes at cricket.  In the first one we had to do bowling which was really hard.  We played a game that we had to try and hit the wickets and if we hit them then one of the yellow things was taken away.  It was really hard.
The next time we got to do some batting.  That was hard too.  After we practiced a bit we played a game.
By Eli, Thomas & Sammie
Leader's Day
We had Leader's Day on Thursday.  We started with a game where we had to sit in a circle.  There was one person in the middle who had to read off a piece of paper that would say something like, 'The wind blows for ... peopel who had weetbix for breakfast.'  If you had weetbix for breakfast you had to change places with someone else in the circle.  If you didn't have a chair to sit on, then you would have to read the next piece of paper.  If you were caught in the middle twice, then you were out of the game.
After that, we had to choose a quote that we liked about leadership.  Some of the quotes were 'If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more and become more, then you are a leader'.  (That is my favourite one).  'Great leaders don't tell you what to do, they show you how it's done'.  This is the last one - 'The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been'.
written by Madi & Maka
Guest Speakers
On leader's day the KV head boy, Jonty, and deputy head girl, Jemma came and answered our questions, such as
   Is it hard being a leader & why?
   How old were you when you became a leader?
   How did you become a leader?
  Why would you be good as a leader?
We learned some of the qualities of being a good leader - like respecting people, sharing ideas, leading when leading is needed and listening to others.
After they had answered our questions Rosie thanked them and they went back to KV.
Reading Tutors
Another part of Leader's Day was learning how to be a reading tutor.
We had to learn how to prompt, pause and praise.  Prompt lets the person sound out the first two letters.  Pause means to wait a couple of seconds and encourage them to read on.  And praise is saying 'good job' when they have said the word right or had a good try.
We got into partners and we choose a book.  One person had to pretend to read badly and the other had to help them.
When we finished we got a sticker.
by Nika & Baylee
On Leader's Day we did different activities in separate groups, like PALs.  When our group went to the tennis court we did lots of games that we can play with people at lunch time if we are a PAL.  One of the games we played was called Star Wars.  There was one person in a hoop (the Jedi) holding a noodle.  It is their job to free the people (their Storm Troopers) who have been hit with a bean bag.  If a person from the other team hits you with the bean bag, you have to sit down until you are freed.  If the Jedi gets hit when he is out of the hoop, then the game is over and the other side wins.
PALs is cool fun.
by Lori, Josh & Koby
Leaders's day - Council
We watched a video about people on their school council.  Then we talked about what we would do if we were on the council.  We talked about what we needed to do if we were a council member.  We found out that it was hard (but rewarding) work being on the council.  We watched a video of Kid President and how to change the world.  We talked of the responsibilities of being a council member.
Mel, Nikau & Deacon
Lunch-time Activities
In one of our groups we discussed what games we could play at lunch times to keep the kids active.  We came up with heaps of ideas and now we have to see Mrs Knopp or Mrs Mitchell-Bain if we want to do some of them.
by Caleb & Isaiah
This morning we went to the University Plaza to welcome the International students to Dunedin.  We had to be at school early and a bus took us down to the place.  It was cold as we waited for a man to do his mihi in Maori.
We sang two songs to the International Students.  All the boys in the front row had red faces and a fearsome pukana.  The girls had beautiful voices.  The boys and the girls did an outstanding kapahaka performance today.  The old-fashioned bus took us back to school.
(We are extremely proud to be the only school in Dunedin to be invited to welcome the International Students to their studies at University of Otago .  But then again, when you witness the spellbinding performance that out tamariki deliver, it's not hard to see why.  Being able to see the feelings on the faces of those watching go from 'OK, what are these kids going to do?' to 'Wow!  That was absolutely amazing!' is indeed amazing in itself.  I am always so proud of our children whenever they perform as they do so with a passion that is inspirational.   Mrs Tobin)
A selection of the large audience watching, hard to see but most have cameras of recording devices of some sort.


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