Kia ora and Welcome back everybody!
We hope you all had a fabulous holiday and are rearing to go again.  A big welcome to all the new kids we have had join us in Taonga iti.  We had a very busy first week back getting into the swing of things,  learning new soccer skills, dancing and singing to the storyteller - Deano.  
Remember we will be holding Parent information nights on Monday 13 Feb - 5.30 and 6.00pm.
Beach Day!
We had an absolute ball on Friday at our Beach Ed trip.  A huge thank you to all the parent helpers who came along and helped out AND got in the water!
We learnt all sorts of things about being safe while at the beach and in the water and it ended up with a swim in the water - awesome day!
Check out the photos in the media gallery - I couldn't get the pics up the right way tonight for some reason!
Week 2 - Rocket writing and creating!
This week Room 1 were writing about rockets.  We watched a small video clip to give us some ideas and then we wrote about where we went in our pretend rockets, who we met and what happened!  On Friday we made our own rockets.
Here are the pictures - make sure you come on in and have a read of our awesome stories!
Welcome back to Term 4 every body!  While the children in Taonga iti have spilt into two class groups, we will continue to share our news on this class page!  
A big welcome to our newbies this term - Ruby, Lilly, Maisie, Kristoffer, Tyler, Jack and Isaac!  We love having you here!
Room 1 had a think about how their week went!  Here is the result!
Kia ora koutou.
A huge big Bradford welcome and hello to Taonga Iti's newest members.  Dexter, Kouper, Jakob and Micah - we love having you here as a part of our class!
Please remember we have swimming Tuesday AND Wednesday this week.
We have been having lots of fun reading and watching the old favourite nursery rhymes and fairy tales.   This week we will be going over The Little Red Hen!
Welcome to Term 3 in Taonga Iti!
What a busy morning we have had already here in Taonga Iti.  The cold start hasn't dampened our spirits - oh no!
We started off our learning today with a new way of doing things at reading time.  It's called 'Action Stations' and it is all about the kids in Taonga Iti choosing what activities they do at reading time.  They have to put their name next to an activity they would like to try.  When they decide it is time to move on, they go and shift their name card to another activity.  They had to remember that only 3 children are allowed at an activity at one time too!
At the end of our first 'Action Stations' we used our Thinking Hats to reflect on how it went.
We used the yellow hat to think about the Good things - the things that went well!
We liked the blocks, people were being really nice to each other - no scrabbling, lots of smiles, taking turns, sharing, moving your name around by yourself, looking after each other, helping each other.
We used the black hat to think about the things that didn't go so well!
Some people didn't share, fighting at tidying up time, people stayed on computers the whole time, not listening to each other at the whiteboard.
We then chose one of those ideas and used our green hat thinking to come up with a solution!
If people at the computer have a timer set for 10 minutes, they can go and move choose another activity when the timer rings!  That way more people will get a turn!
And the Firefighters came back!
We were so lucky today and we got to see the inside and outside of a fire engine.  We also had a turn with the hose - it packs a lot of punch so we had to use all our strength to hold the hose steady!  There are 5 ladders on the truck and also lots of other equipment that can be used to help in emergency situations.
Again, you can visit the gallery to see all the pictures!
Special Visitors to Taonga Iti!
Yesterday we had three firefighters visit us here in Taonga Iti!  They came to share some really important messages with us.  Mrs O'Donnell was very impressed with all the things the children could share with the fire fighters - all the learner we have done this term has paid off!
These are the things we have to check at home this week for homework!
1.  That we have smoke detectors in our bedrooms.
2.  That we have a safe meeting place we could go to if there was a fire at our house.  This could be a letter box or a gate.
3.  That we know of two different ways to get out of our house if there was a fire.
The firefighters also got all dressed up in the special clothes they wear when they are fighting a fire.  They look pretty scary but we soon realised there was nothing to be afraid of.  
There are some more photos in the photo gallery to look at!
We made fire engines for our firefighters.  We had to make sure they had wheels, ladders, windows, hoses and all those bits and pieces that we can see on fire engines!
We have added all the pics to the photo album section - but here are a few teasers!
Pyjama Day
Nothing like turning up to school in your pj's and sharing in some breakfast!  Check out this snuggly lot from Taonga Iti!
Week 1 reflection.
At the end of each week we are going to use our thinking hats to reflect on the week we have just had.  We will use our Yellow Thinking Hat to remember the great things that have happened, the Black Thinking Hat to remember some of the things that didn't go so well, and then we will put on our Green Thinking Hats to see what we might do differently next time.  Here is our first reflection poster.
Fantastic first week back!
Kia ora all, we have just loved seeing everyone back this week!  We are sure everyone has grown a little here and there and the stories of fun times in the holiday were awesome!
We have started off with a rush and a roar, getting right into things.  Ms Little's maths group have been looking at telling the time!  We made our own clock and practiced making and telling times!  We wonder if you can tell what times we made?
We also had Football South come and take us for some football skills this week!  So much fun, we have them visiting for the next 4 weeks, so we will be kicking like football pros before you know it!
Edgar centre Fun Friday!
Mrs Clark organised our junior classes to get on a bus, travel to the Edgar Center and take part in a really fun games day.  it was organised by Sports Otago.  We were there with another school so it was great to meet kids from another place.  There were lots of different games and activities that we all took part in.  We made our teachers very proud, using our manners, our positive attitude and our kind and caring nature!
Marae Visit
We went to the Araiteuru Marae this week.  It was a chance to experience a powhiri, share our mihi, learn some games and listen to some fantastic stories - all about the trickster Maui.  We had a great day and it was finished off nicely by taking part in the planting of the koha we had given to the marae.  A huge thank you to all the whanau who came to be with us for the day.
Happy Easter everyone!
Caleb from Room 6 wowed us all with his well organised easter egg hunt today.  He has raised money with his friends to buy Easter eggs for everyone at school, and then he organised a hunt for us.  Clues and all.  We were running all over the school but we eventually found a treat in the vege garden, nestled in the silver beet!  A big thanks to you Caleb - you are a star!!!
Gorgeous Golfers!
Today we had a golf lesson with Mel from Golf Otago.  It was so much fun.  We had to remember to hold our hands close together on the club, bend at the hips, have bouncy knees and look at the ball when we swung our clubs.  We got to practice with a big ball, a tennis ball and a squishy gold ball.
Walk to school day!
This morning around 50 students, teacher and parents met at two different spots along Kaikorai Valley Road in order to walk to school together.  We were trying to get 80% or more walking to school today so that we could go into a draw to win a whole lot of sports gear!  And we succeeded.  Great work Bradford whanau.  It has been Walk and Wheel week this week and we have had some fun activities.  We are really looking forward to Fabulous Feet Friday!  Come along with your feet looking fabulous, be it fancy nail polish or feather stuck in your shoes!  Can't wait!
Bradford Stories
We are beginning to look at our school environment and discover some of the interesting art/areas  that are around us. We started in the foyer looking at the big mural that we walk past every day. Mrs Mitchell-Bain told us the story that went with the mural - it is a Maori legend called 'In the Beginning'.
We have worked on some art for our classroom based on this legend. We wanted to have a reminder of this mural in our space. Here are some of the artists at work. We used the dabbing technique to blend two colours together - blue and white for Rangi the sky father, and green and yellow for Papa the earth mother.
We drew the children of Rangi and Papa, coloured them in and cut them out. We could then glue them on the background we painted. These will be up in our classroom soon.
Super Signers!
The Taonga iti kids not only communicate with their words and writing but ALSO with their hands!  We have been learning to sign basic commands, animals and family members!  Ella comes in every two weeks and teaches us signs and songs.  It is great fun.  We thought we should share some of them so you can practice at home.
The sign for Mother
The sign for Father
Soraya shows us the sign for sister, since she has a few!
Mikayla shows us the sign for Aunty.
The sign for Uncle
The sign for baby.
Week 3
We have had another busy week!  We have been learning about gathering information, sorting it out and then displaying it on bar graphs!  Here are some pictures of our latest efforts!
Week 2.
Another busy one folks!  Both Mrs O'Donnell and Ms Little are super impressed with the way the children in Taonga Iti are taking to being back at school.  We have been focussing on the Golden Rule this week - Treating others the way we would like to be treated.  We see many children doing this all the time - both in the classroom and out in the playground!
We have been learning to "Read to Self" during our reading time this week too.  This means we have to get started straight away, find a book, find a spot by ourselves and we read the whole time.  Again, we are very impressed with how well the kids are able to do this already!
We finished off the week by making some yummy heart shaped biscuits to share with someone special!
End of our first week!
We have had such an awesome week!  Well done to all the kids from Taonga Iti who have showed us that they remember all the right things to do at school - sitting on the mat quietly, listening, showing 5 and LOVING being back together!
We had a cricket session today with Tama.  Here are some photos of us practising our new skills.
Welcome back to 2016!
It was so great to see all the old faces and some beautiful new faces too!  Welcome to Saki, Kaden, Emma, Henry and Mikayla!  We had a great day today exploring our new learning space and getting to know each other.  We ended the day with a quick game of Duck, duck, goose!
Term 4 Week 6  2015
We have been busy working on our products for market day. We have made lego head jars and cute reindeer tree decorations for christmas. Last week we started work on our santa blocks. Here are a few photos of us painting the blocks to get ready for the next step in the process.
Each week we get paid and we are busy saving up some of our money  so  we can buy lots of cool things on market day. We also get to spend some each week. So far we have bought ice blocks, popcorn, milkshakes, waffles, doughnuts, sponge the teacher turns and rippa games. 

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