Marvellous Market Day coming up...

We have been making some amazing creations for Market Day at PrEP time.  There are lots of groups called: Crazy Craft Sticks, Major Money Boxes, Glitter Globes, Cool Card Creators, Classy Christmas Calendars, Sugary Gugary Goo, Ninja Stress Balls, Rock Paperweights, Stick Monsters, Little Magazines and Crazy Candy Canes.  The days we do PrEP are everyday except Tuesday.  We have been getting paid weekly and some of us have been using it wisely.  We have been able to buy services such as: spiders, ice-blocks, donuts, jelly, rippa rugby, popcorn and sherbert.  We are going to sell some extraordinary products at the Market Day.  We know that we really need to be saving our money so that we have lots of money to spend on products we want to buy ourselves from other groups!!!  Here are some pictures of people busy in action:

 Mean new Maths equipment arrives in R5!!!

A collective recount by Room 5

We have been learning about Numicon.  One of the first things we did is learn which way they needed to go so that your eyes can 'read' them quickly without having to count.  We noticed a pattern that all the odd numbers had a chimney on the right hand side at the top.  When we laid them out odd, even, odd, even, odd, we noticed that it increased by one each time and looked a bit like flat, step, flat, step along the top.  We explored lines of symmetry with the equipment to make symmetrical shapes/pictures.  Symmetry is where you can split it evenly so that you end up with two sides or diagonals that look the same.  It was wicked fun!  Here are some of our designs - hope you like them...



 Room 5 Tennis

By Gracie  and Sora

Last week on Monday Room 5 went to their first tennis lesson.

The first thing we learnt was how to keep the ball under the racquet.

Then we tried to keep the ball off the ground - that one was difficult.

After that, Room 5 did them both at the same time that one WAS the hardest.

We hit the balls over the net to Matt and he caught the balls.

We went into partners and practiced hitting the balls to each other.

Also in our pairs we rolled the balls to each other (it sounds harder than it is).

We had great fun and are looking forward to next time!




                 Room 5’s First Aid Course             

By Dayton and Summer

 On Wednesday Room 5 took a trip to Room 1 for a First Aid course, it was so interesting. A really important thing to know is the DRSABC. We learnt all about it. Below is what they stand for.



S=Send for help



C= Circulation

For danger: we need to check so we don’t hurt ourselves. If someone is unconscious you need to shout their name to see if they are actually unconscious. If you are not quite sure you should give them a tap or squeeze on the shoulder.

For send for help: you need to call an ambulance if it is an accident or a fire engine if it is a fire.

For airway: You put your hand on their head and two fingers under their chin and carefully tilt the head back a little.

 For breathing: You need to put your head near their head to see if they are breathing their stomach would be moving up and down or you’d feel breath on your cheek.

For circulation: You need to check section by section under their arms, head, legs and feet to make sure they’re not bleeding - but make sure to check after each section.

Well now there is heaps more to tell you like about burns, poisons and stuff like that but we don’t have time to tell you so goodbye for now!

Sushi Making In Room 5

On Tuesday, Sora’s mum came to Room 5 to make some sushi. Liam, Yui and Gracie were down in the staffroom making the rice.

 First we mixed ½ a cup of white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of sugar and 2 teaspoons of salt.

 Then some other people came and swapped with the others. We cut up some veges that were avocado, carrot, cucumber, capsicum and chicken.

After that we watched Miho do the example. It looked super dooper easy but it truly wasn’t!

We put some nori on a bamboo mat that had a damp cloth underneath to stop the mat slipping. Then we layered the rice on top of the nori. Then came the fillings: avocado, carrot, cucumber, capsicum and chicken. After,  Room 5 started rolling the sushi.

 At lunch Summer and Yui stayed in and tried to figure out the origami boxes and achieved their goal. 

After play, Yui and Summer taught Room 5 to make the boxes step by step - it was super tricky!


On Friday we finally travelled to our much anticipated Museum Visit.  We started by having a chat in Discovery World about friction and gravity.  Then we got to prove our theories whilst playing in Discovery World - all very fun indeed!  After that we went into the science lab and made a styrofoam cup dissolve before our eyes, elephant's toothpaste and tested acid and alkali bases.




Room 5 are learning about crystals.  The crystals we are growing were made from mono-ammonium phosphate.

We had to look for two big flat rocks. After we found two flat rocks we put the growing crystals on the two rocks in a container. Then we poured boiling  water onto the crystals to dissolve them.  We put a lid on the container and left it for a week. We saw spikes growing on the  rocks.  The spikes grew longer each day.

The crystals were blue. They looked like space age crystals.    

 By Zaraya and Dakota

DRUMMING WITH KOFFIE  -  By Zaraya and Kiara
First off Koffie told us where he was from. He is from Ghana in Africa. Koffie told us what type of drums there were , a dun nun drum and heaps of others. After that, Koffie showed us some beats. They are called pite pite bom  bom pite pite bom and bom bom ba ba bom bom ba. Before we left our lesson he said we will be on assembly today and we had to practice our item.  Here are some photos from our day.
We have had an action-packed past two weeks learning all about Gallipoli and the ANZACS.  We had a discussion about what the highlight has been and we decided that we couldn't decide as we have enjoyed so many things! We learnt about the poppies in Flanders Field and made our own using coffee filters.   They were really very beautiful because all the dyes mixed together so effectively.  We placed these poppies on our Anzac soldiers hats that we made.  We also filled the top of our hats with Anzac biscuits that we baked and shared at the gate with Whanau who came to school for our special ANZAC ceremony to commemorate the veterans efforts.  Today we shared our special play that told the story of a courageous soldier named Private Jack Simpson who with his donkey called Duffy, saved the lives of over 300 wounded soldiers.  So, as you can see it really was very difficult to choose our favourite experience.  What we could all agree on though was how very sad it was that so many soldiers lost their lives and how lucky we are not to have family at War now.

  Room 5 went to the Ma-Fi Art Studio yesterday.   Matthew and Fiona who are two artist teachers, taught us how to make bugs out of clay.  Next, Matthew let us do pottery on the pottery wheel.              By Cale
Room 5 went to the pool yesterday.  We needed 15 parents to go and we nearly didn't make it! We got to go on the hydroslide.  We needed someone with us to go in the deep end, my Grandad went with me.  Then we got dressed and walked in 4 lines to the Art Studio.  It was a sip-slop-sliding AMAZING day!!!    By Thomas 
On Friday, Room 5 did our first lot of baking.  First we made Otai (Tongan drink).  We chopped a watermelon in half then with a fork we scraped out the juice, seeds and pulp from both halves.  We used three watermelons.  When we had finished that, three people came around with what went in next.  One person added water, another with milk and one had sugar.  We mixed it in our groups and then it was done.  It was delicious!   After, we made lolly cake.  First we had to chop a packet of eskimos in our desk groups.  Then we double-bagged a packet of malt biscuits and broke them into small pieces.  One of us had to go and melt the butter in the microwave while the others put the biscuits, eskimos and condensed milk in the bowl and stirred.  We shaped our lolly cake mixture into two logs and rolled it in coconut.  Then we put it in the fridge and waited for it to set.  We all got some and it was delightful!        By Summer
In Room 5 we made paper ice-creams for writing to share out holiday stories.  We coloured around the scoops of the ice-cream.  They looked beautiful and we all learnt about the 'scoop' on each other's Summer.    Written by Zaraya and Gracie.

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