Term 4 Week 4 2015
Matt, the tennis coach, came out on Monday to take us for a session. The sun was shining and we were out on the court at 5 past 9 all ready to go! He showed us how to hug the tennis racket while we were listening to instructions. We have to be safe with the racket and hold it still or else we might bop someone by accident!
We had a lot of fun exploring ways to hit the ball. We had a buddy and our goal was to drop the ball, bounce it and hit it over the net to our friend. It was a bit tricky. We had a few balls flying all around but it was great to see everyone having a go and persevering with the task. Matt will be back soon and we will be able to keep practicing.
Term 4 Week 3 2015
We read a poem this week about an alien. It inspired us to create and write about our own imaginary alien. You will see some more stories in the emag coming out soon but here are a few we would like to share in the meantime! We have tried to describe how the alien looks and something it does.

My alien is colourful. It can run fast. It eats goo.

By Declan

My alien is colourful. It can go in space. It eats apples.

By Zavier

 Term 4 Week 2 2015
We have begun to think about our PrEP businesses for the term and Room 3 voted to begin by making and selling ice blocks. We have had a few really hot days and we think ice blocks will be very popular. We have sampled two different methods of making them and decided on what we think is the best way to make them. We are going into production on Friday and they will be ready next week. We are not sure when our first sales day will be but we will let the other classes know so they can get their money ready!! Here we are enjoying our ice blocks on Thursday in the sun...it was so hot and bright that we had to move under the trees! Roll on summer!
Term 4 Week 1 2015
Welcome back everyone! The day started sunny and warm and we were out on the top field at 10 am exploring some athletics moves - running, jumping and throwing. Lots of fun.
We also had a mystery visitor just before lunch. Do you know this man??
Yes- Ronald McDonald came to Bradford School and told us a story about a windy day and his red stripey sock! He had to go looking for his sock and as he searched he had to be safe walking along the road. He had 3 main messages
1. Make it click - always wear your seatbelt in the car
2. Watch out for sneaky driveways - look for cars going in and out of driveways
3. Stop, look and listen as you cross the road
We loved having Ronald at school and he has left a special wee friend with us - a red and white stripey sock puppet! Please help us keep safe around roads -especially before and after school!
Term 3 Week 9 2015 
It was a very exciting day on Wednesday. We got dressed up in our special polyfest clothes, boarded the bus and performed on a big stage in front of a huge crowd. We were amazing - loud and strong! We watched a few other schools and kindys as well and it was so cool to see lots of kids sharing their items.
Here we are lining up ready to go backstage.
Here is the school on stage - Room 3 is the third line back - tucked in between the senior girls and Room 2 so it's a bit hard to see us but we are there!!!
 Term 3 Week 5 2015
We have been looking at different ways to shape paper and have used this information to add details to our crazy face masks. We explored 6 methods  - curling, fringing,tabbing,rolling, making cones and folding. We chose 3 to use to add hair and eyelashes or eyebrows to our masks.
Here we are at our tables working on shaping the paper.
Here are some of our finished masks. They are hanging up in our class if you are able to come in and look at them.
We have a special assembly coming up at the end of the term to show off all our art work from the term so keep a look out in the newsletter for this date!
  Term 3 Week 3 2015
It was a funny old week with lots of people sick with the flu and other nasty bugs. We had just over half the class at school on a couple of days so we hope everyone gets better soon! 
We created these awesome masks on Friday. We chose a cardboard shape we liked and painted it a solid colour. Then we used different shaped pieces of card to become the different parts that make up our faces - we had to have 2 eyes, 2 ears, a nose and a mouth. We drew these on using black vivd and then coloured around (or inside) these with pastel. We glued them on our face but we played around with the position - some eyes were crooked, some noses went on sideways and who knows where the ears ended up! We had a lot of fun and laughs with our crazy masks!
Term 3 Week 2 2015
We have started exploring sculpture in art. Sculpture is using different materials to shape and join together in different ways. Last week we created some interesting shapes out of cardboard. We cut little slots into the cardboard  and joined them together in ways that we liked. They didn't have to look like anything particular- we were exploring how to join the card and fit shapes together. Even though we all used the same materials everyone made something unique and different. Here are a few of our sculptures.
Term 3 Week 1 2015
Welcome back everyone and welcome to Taylah who has just started in Room 3. Monday started with a rather chilly hockey lesson. We rugged up with our jackets and braved the wind to explore using hockey sticks and dribbling the ball up and down the tennis court.
This week is also the start of swimming. Today (Wednesday) we got on the bus and went to Moana Pool for our first lesson. We had some time in the learners pool and then a play in the wave pool. It was so warm and sunny! We can't wait for next Wednesday to go again!
Term 2 Week 10 2015
We had our special science expo on Friday. We set up some of the science experiments we have explored over the last few weeks. Children and parents from other classes throughout the school could come and see what we have been learning about and have a go for themselves.
We only took a few photos and then it got  too busy for the camera!
Quinn is getting ready to demonstrate how the size of the balloon affects the size of the POP! It got quite noisy in Room 3 as lots of people listened to the different types of popping.
Declan and Elijah are trying out some of the bubble mix they made. It works better once it has had some time to settle. One of the stations had different shaped bubble blowers for people to try. Did you know that no matter what shape the blower is, the bubbles are always round?? If you come to Room 3's deck this week you can try it for yourself. Come on a sunny day at playtime or lunchtime.
Zavier is standing by our 'walking water' station. Paper towels sucked up coloured water  from one cup and moved it to another. When we had two colours moving into the centre cup the colours mixed together.
It was great for us to show our learning to others and we really enjoyed going round the other classes as well to see their learning. We saw ice-cream made without freezers, how to grow crystals, and exploding coke bottles! What a cool Friday!
Term 2 Week 8 2015 
What a funny old week it was last week! We had the Queen's Birthday holiday on Monday, a museum trip on Wednesday morning and then we were sent home early on Wednesday due to all the flooding. There was no school on Thursday and then a nice sunny day on Friday! Let's hope for a nice normal week this week!
Our trip to the Otago Museum on Wednesday was lots of fun although we did get wet in the pouring rain. We started off in the Tropical Rainforest with the butterflies. We were detectives looking for different aspects of light. We found that light sources made shadows in places where something was blocking the light. 
We found that light bounced off some materials to show reflections.
We also explored different forms of friction. This is when two things rub together. We felt friction when we slid down the slide or the fireman's pole. Sometimes our hands and feet made lots of friction and this slowed us down.
After morning tea we went into the museum classroom/laboratory. We went round a few stations and tried different experiments with the materials there.
This group is mixing different liquids together to see what changes. The purply liquid is cabbage water. We added vinegar  to some, baking soda to some and lemon juice to some. We noticed that different mixtures made different coloured water. Some of them fizzed up as well.
This group had two polystyrene cups. One had some water in it. One had some acetone (nail polish remover) in it. We observed that the cup with water stayed the same. There was no change. But the one with acetone started to melt, or dissolve. The bottom dissolved first and then the sides of the cup dissolved! The two materials mixed together and made the cup  almost disappear!
Science is lots of fun and very surprising!
Term 2 Week 6 2015
We have been down to the school gate to practice being safe at pick up times after school. 
1. We walk down the path to the gate. We need to watch out for cars driving in the car park. We look for where our mum/dad might have parked the car.
2. If we see mum/dad parked on the other side of the road we need to come back up the path and carefully cross at the crossing. Again we need to look carefully for cars in the driveway.
 3. We need to walk on the grass side of the yellow lines. Cars should not be parked here because this is the wrong place to park. Our pick-up person needs to park in a safe place. We walk to where they are parked. We can not cross the road by ourselves. If we are on the other side of the road we need a parent to help us or else walk back up to the crossing.
Please help  us to follow these safety rules. We don't want any accidents!
Term 2 Week 4 2015
On Friday last week we had our new sports activator-Naomi- take us for a rippa rugby session. We had a great time racing around on the top field trying to rip the tags off each other. We also practiced catching the rugby ball. If we weren't paying attention we had to do a press-up. We had to be looking because sometimes Naomi spun around and changed direction and we didn't know where she was going to throw the ball next. It was a beautiful day and we were all so happy to be outside having fun together!
Term 2 Week 3   2015 
We have had a busy couple of weeks back at school. Last Friday we had Chris from 'Kids can Cook' at school and he put on a cooking demonstration for us. With another students help he showed us how to make poor man's pasta - gnocchi- using potato, flour and egg. He mixed up a sauce from fennel, tomato paste, silver beet and onion and we all got to try it. It tasted delicious.....well some of us thought so....others weren't quite so sure!
Today (Monday) Rooms 2, 3 and 4 went to Toitu - Otago Settlers Museum -  to explore the exhibits based around ANZAC day and the First World War. We went around 3 stations. 
The first station had activity boxes. Some of the boxes had bandages and we had a go  at bandaging heads and ankles. There was a box of flags and a page of special moves to show different letters. These flags could be used to send messages to the soldiers.
Another station was walking around the exhibits and looking at the poppies that people have knitted to represent each Dunedin soldier that died. They covered two wall panels! We saw all the names up on the wall of soldiers that died as well in a quiet room.  The last station was a hunt around the gallery for items on a list - some of the things to find were...a model aircraft, a letter, a rifle, a toy soldier, a bugle, a helmet and a few other items. We also went to look at the feet art. They were made of clay except for one pair that was made of metal. They represented the feet of the soldier.
If you haven't been to Toitu for a while the you might like to go - it is pretty interesting!
Term 2 Week 1 2015
Welcome back everyone! What a lovely break it has been with some nice weather to get out and about. It's a bit grey at the moment so let's all think sunny thoughts for some warmer days!
We have 3 new friends who have joined Room 3 this week - Cleo, Olivia and Mason all had birthdays in the holidays and are no longer Buzzy Bees - they started school on Monday. It's great to have you here!
Our class newsletter was emailed out tonight so please read this and take note of any important dates. We have a trip to Toitu - Otago Settlers Museum on Monday 4th May exploring the significance of ANZAC day. We will need some parent helpers so keep an eye out for a notice in reading folders.
With this damp weather jackets and gumboots are really useful at school. Children enjoy getting some fresh air at lunchtime and if they have appropriate clothing they can go outside for a short time and burn off a little energy. 
If you get a chance, come along this Friday at 2.30pm for our special ANZAC assembly featuring a special song written by our own Mr Graham. Hopefully we will see you there.
Term 1 Week 7 2015
This afternoon (Tuesday) we had a very exciting visitor - the magician El Gregoe. He did some amazing magic tricks for us including making real birds appear and disappear! He also talked about how we can have a really great day at school when we learn to be ....
-contributing and
El Gregoe made these flowers appear out of an empty tube.   

A beautiful green parrot appeared inside this empty box!
El Gregoe is also a ventriloquist - he can make puppets talk. He turned Josiah into a puppet and Josiah sang us a song. It was really funny!
We hope we get to see El Gregoe another time because we laughed so hard our tummies were sore!

Term 1 Week 6 2015
Welcome to Ayla who started last week. 
Last Monday we had our visit to the fire station. It was really interesting to see all the gear and equipment the firefighters wear and use in their job. Ms Clark dressed up and looked ready for action!!
We have created some pictures showing fire fighters and their engines responding to an emergency. We are using these pictures in our writing time this week. Have a look and see the fire fighters we made along with our constructed engines. We are really proud of these!
Remember we have our visit to the Fire Station and dinosaur park on Monday!!
Term 1 Week 4 2015
 Welcome to Quinn who has started school this week.
Last  week we had a special visitor at Bradford School....he came in a big trailer unit that was parked in our school car park....he was orange with brown splotches.....he was cute and cuddly and fuzzy ....his name was HAROLD! We went to see him on Wednesday and Thursday and he gave us some goodie bags! We talked about what our bodies need to be healthy and  safe and  also how to be friends all together. It was very exciting inside the mobile classroom and there were glowing stars on the ceiling.
Doctor Amelia is finding the lungs on Tam - Harold's friend. We can see inside her body. She is like a big plastic doll. We use our lungs to breathe in oxygen.
 Doctor Noah is showing Room 3 where Tam's heart is. The heart pumps the blood all around our body.
We have been talking about being ready for action...like a superhero. Our bodies need to be ready to learn and we need to give our bodies certain things to keep it healthy. We have a big poster on our wall showing what we need...things like good food, fresh water, exercise, sleep and fresh air.
You can help us get ready to learn by making sure we have a big drink and good food at breakfast time before we come to school.
We need to have plenty of sleep so make sure we get to bed at the right time.
We need lots of outside time, away from screens, so play a game with us in the fresh air for exercise.
Thanks for keeping us ready for action!
Term 1 Week 2 2015
We have been busy settling in and learning what happens during the different parts of our school day. Here are some pictures of us working on some literacy games and creating name cards. We are writing on the whiteboard, working on picture hunt boards, matching letter cards and playing card games.
We are very proud of our superhero pictures that are hanging up in the class as well. Lots of us have shown mums and dads and even nanas our cool pictures. We have been thinking about how to be a super friend. Some of our ideas are to....
-say hello and smile to our friend
- ask a question about what they like to do
- invite them to play with us
- ask to join in a game they are playing
- help them with a task in the classroom
-talk nicely to our friend and use our manners
- share so we both have enough to work with

Term 1 Week 1 2015
Hello everyone in Room 3!! I hope you are all looking forward to coming back to school and meeting up with your friends again! It has been such a long time since we have been together. I'm sure there are lots of shorter haircuts and longer legs and you will all have some great adventures to tell me about.
All you need to remember to bring at this stage is your lunch box and water bottle and your reading folder if you have it in your school bag. See you in Room 3!!
Mrs O'D