Science Roadshow
Wow!  Room 6 had an awesome time
Yeah!  was the cry as we have to do PrEP again. 
We love PrEP time as we have a chance to make cool stuff to sell at Market Day.  We also are able to buy services that other groups make.  Some of the services are ice blocks, hair and nail make-up, sherbert and lots of other stuff.
For PrEP we have to get into groups and then we have to have a CEO, an accountant, a designer and a Gofor.  The Gofor has to 'go for' the stuff we need, that's why he's called the Gofor.  Cool eh?
Anyway, when we are in groups, we have to make a prototype - that's like one of the products that we are going to make.  Next, we have to ask some people what they think of it and whether they think it's good enough to buy.  If it isn't, then we have to make it better.  Most of the groups are ready to start production of their product.
Working as a team is really important and if you have a job to do, then you have to do it, otherwise you might get fined.
It was windy.  It was cold.  But it was fun.
On Friday we went to athletics at the Calendonian.  We had to compete in lots of different events against heaps of kids from other schools. 
Some of us liked the long jump and high jump best and others liked the running.  In the middle of the ground we did bean bag throwing and hurdles.  It really hurt your toe when you knocked one of the hurdles over.
The relays were really exciting.  Most of us got to sit in the stands and watch while we were having our lunch.  We had to cheer extra loud as some of the schools round us had heaps more kids.  We did really well.
Hopefully some of us did well enough to get into the Otago Champs.

It was blowing gales, so hard that the wind even blew the net over, but we still really enjoyed our tennis lesson.  First we had to bounch the ball on the racket; then drop and hit the ball both up and down.
Later we dropped the ball and tried to hit it to our buddy - that was a wee bit harder than it sounds.  (We blamed the wind!)
At the end, we had to try and hit the ball over the net.
It was really cool fun & we would like some tennis rackets at school so we can practice on the court. 
Welcoming International Students
We are really lucky because we are the only school in Dunedin that gets to go to the University Plaza to welcome students who have come from overseas to study in Dunedin.  They come from all over the world and our kapahaka is probably the first that many of them have ever seen.
This time Ana came with us and we sung two waiata.  We received lots of smiles and claps. 
Welcome back to Term 4
I feel very comfortable heading away to camp at the end of the term knowing that we all know basic First Aid and can help if needed. 
Red Cross spent a whole day with us, teaching us the basics of first aid.  We learnt what to do if we come across an accident, how to bandage bleeding limbs (even if there is a piece of glass sticking out - ouch), how to stop a bleeding nose and many other things.
We had fun practicing on each other, especially with the scenarios that were given.
We enjoyed working as a team to put in order what we would do if we arrived at an accident.
Term 2 Top Secret BVD
Top secret it was too.  Not even the parents were told where we were going.
To celebrate the so many wonderful children that we have at Bradford, children who show and follow our values, who try hard, are kind to others and complete work on time .....  we went to BOWL LINE.
There was plenty of guessing in the days before.  Teachers heard whispers that we're going to Laser Force or to Moana Pool.  Or maybe Leap.  Maths Club were certain we were all off to Fairlie and when one teacher asked them where that was, they replied 'fairly close to home'.
All was revealed.  Shoes on - velcro thank goodness.
Such an awesome time was had that most of the photos that Mrs Tobin took were blurry.  Children were swinging arms to send balls shooting (or sedately rolling as in the case of a few) down the lane, so fast that photos couldn't be taken.
It was so lovely to see the senior children helping the younger ones - thanks guys, it just goes to show what wonderful kids you are.  A real credit to Bradford.
Dr Vickers - Scientist
Dr Vickers is a real scientist who teaches in a secondary school.  He came to show us some of the things that can happen (reactions) when chemicals are mixed.
How come, when you pour a slightly coloured liquid into empty
wine glasses, the liquid changes to all sorts of colours?
Magic?  No, science. 
In the wine glass was something that reacted with the liquid,
causing each glass to be a different colour.
And why, when he dropped two balloons,        
 did one fall faster than the others.        
Again, science.  One balloon was filled air        
and the other had a different sort of gas        
in it that was heavier than air and it caused        
it to drop quicker.        
 Dry ice is always a favourite.  Dr Vickers had to wear
gloves when he touched the ice to protect himself         
from being badly burnt.  People use dry ice in shows,
on stage when they want it to look misty.  This
bucket bubbled away so much we had to put
it outside.
And for the last experiment - Elephant Toothpaste.         
A little bit of this and a little bit of that and hey!                
Elephant Toothpaste!                                                              

Room 6 - Scientists
And then it was our turn.  We had worked hard all term learning about the Scientific Process and trying it out on some experiments of our own.  In groups of three, we had to ask a question and then write our hypothesis - that's what we think will happen.  The fun part was doing the experiments.
Some worked and some didn't, but that's just science.
The Mentos Bomb is always popular but it's quite a challenge to get the mentos lollies in quickly enough. 
Izan is checking to see if his LED is glowing.  He is using a lemon instead of a battery.  Unfortunately, this experiment didn't work - Mrs T blamed the lemons!
And some fake snot.  I hope your snot doesn't look that colour!
It was difficult finding the right fizzy lollie to drop in this liquid to make a lava lamp but once we got it right, the lava bubbled up and down.  Very cool.
Rylee is preparing her volcano.  It didn't work the first time either but then they added heaps more baking soda and vinegar and - woosh!
Covering a candle with a jar was interesting and we had fun discussing the science around why the flame went out.  Then we added water to the tin lid and did the experiment again.  When the oxygen in the jar was all used up by the candle flame, the empty space in the jar was taken up by the water.  How amazing is that!
Matariki Celebrations
In a first for Bradford School, we 'put down' a hangi to celebrate Matariki.
Ana and Kopua and their families were there to do all the hard work - like digging the pit.  The weather was terribly wet, but that didn't stop them - or us.
Railway irons and other bits of metal were heated with a huge and very hot fire.
The food was prepared, wrapped in cabbage leaves and placed into wire baskets. 
The baskets were lowered into the pit that not had the extremely hot irons in.
The pit was covered.  The cooking began.  The waiting began.
Year 6's Visit KVC
18 excited children clambered into mini vans for their very special visit to Kaikorai Valley College.  After we met the Principal and Mr Burden (one of the Year 7 teachers) we were off to some cool activities.
First up was cooking - double yum as we hardly had time to eat our lunch back at school.
We made cheese savouries - very easy & very tasty - here are the step-by-step instructions
Step 1: spread flaky pastry with vegemite
Step 2: sprinkle with cheese
                                                Step 3:  cook
Then we made raspberry windmills. This is a top secret recipe so photos only:
And finally, fruit kebabs:
  Cut the fruit     Thread it on
 Hold on a minute!  Don't forget to do the dishes
Then we were off to Materials where we made ourselves a very handy wee container.  We had to sand the edges and make a pattern out of wire to go in the bottom. 
The flat pieces of plastic were put in the oven and when they were hot and really floppy, the teacher would take them out and put them in a press with our wire design. 
When they were cooled down, the plastic was hard again and we had a perfect container:
And now for the most dangerous part of the day - never do this at home.  It is to be done in a lab only.
We had to be very careful as we lit candles and then covered them with glass beakers.
Then we added water to a petri dish with the candle in it and put the beaker over that.  That caused quite a different result ......
We all had a fantastic time.
No Museum Trip
Our trip to the museum to do our Lotions and Potions science activities was cancelled at the last minute - we had our lovely parents sitting there waiting to get on the bus and come with us, so, what to do?
Let's go for a holiday to a sunny island with golden sandy beaches, palm trees swaying in gentle breezes and water deliciously warm to swim in.  Pack your togs kids, we're off.
Unfortunately, our plane developed engine problems and we crash-landed right smack-dab in the middle of Antarctica.  Never fear, we survived, as did our pilot who is badly injured.
In order to stay alive until we were rescued however, we needed certain items - we needed food, shelter and a means to summon help.  And this is where the maths comes in - Survivor Maths.
In groups, we had to solve problems.  If we got the answer correct the first time, we scored 15 points, the second time - 10 points, and the third time 5 points.  At the end we had to count our points and then we could 'spend' them to buy survival equipment.
It was funny because some people thought they could cook their food with a flare gun, and some groups thought they might be able to catch a polar bear to eat!
Most groups survived, although one was pretty doubtful. 
Earthquake Drill
Well, that was a bit exciting!
Some of us didn't know what to think when Mrs Mitchell-Bain came through our class blowing a whistle.  Time for a game, maybe?
No.  It was the signal for an earthquake drill.
Children dived under desks or tables, most of us remembering to hold onto the legs so that the table wouldn't fall or topple away.
These kids are showing us how to be safe.  In a real earthquake they would probably be kneeling and trying to protect their head from falling bits while holding on tight to the table leg at the same time.
If there isn't a table to get under, you can 'turtle' on the floor, making sure first that there is nothing above you, like lights, that may fall and hit you.
We were supposed to remain quiet until the teacher tells us it's OK to come out - perhaps that could be our goal next time.
I wonder what we'd do if we were outside playing during break when an earthquake struck???
Koffee Excitement
Our class was last to visit Koffee but we were left in no doubt that we looking forward to something special.  All the other classes who had come out were really fizzing with excitement.
Our turn at last -
  go girls Josh & Tigue 
We learned about the different sounds that you can make with these drums - it depends on which part of the drum you hit.  You get higher a sound near the edge and a deeper sound nearer the middle.
girls rhythm  sing along 
All classes got to show what they had learned at assembly.
The noise was deafening - you could hear it from the gate.
Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, totally enjoyed Koffee and would love to have him visit again next year.
Welcome to Term 2 Everyone
The school will be a-buzz on Monday with everyone's holiday stories!   It's been a busy place here also as we have been preparing an exciting 'hands on' term of learning ahead. 
If you have any cereal or tea bag boxes lurking in the cupboards at home, please bring these along to school. We will be making use of these in maths for the first couple of weeks back as we explore nets in geometry.
We'll also be learning about the significance of ANZAC and will be part of a special ANZAC assembly here at school this Friday at 2:30pm. As part of our learning we will be visiting the Dunedin War Memorial exhibition at Toitu in week 2.

KVC  Sports  Expo
The bag was getting heavy but I wasn't going to give up because today was March 11th 2015, and a whole day of sports at KVC is totally my thing.   We were going to the Sports Expo and I couldn't wait.
My group started with orienteering where we had to find squares.  We had to follow a map and my group got lost, and then we kept going in circles.  My group found 7 squares.
The fishing was the best sport that we did.  We has plastic fish on the end of the rod and we had to cast out and catch bigger fish.  I only caught one fish.  I got a chocolate fish - yum.
We ended up at golf.  We had to put a tee on a soft spot in the grass and hit a ball with a golf club.  We had to try and hit a bit or a post.  I didn't hit any of them but they were a long way away.
Then we went to rugby and touch combined.  I couldn't wait to get into it and get the ball.  It looked so much fun and I'll tell you now, it was fun.  I didn't score but it was awesome.
Next it was football.  We got a ball each and we had to dribble it round.  After a while we got to play a fun game and I got to be goalie for the game.
At the end Room 6 walked all the way back to Bradford School.  Even my legs became really, really sore.  Room 6 made it.
"Yah!  We're back," I said.
Here are some photos of some of the other sports we tried:
And hockey:
Cross Country - Balmacewen
After raining the first week, the cross country was held at Balmacewen Intermediate this wee.  There were heaps of schools there - like Mornington, Balaclava, Brockville and lots more.
We went on a bus and we were all quite nervous.
The Year 5 girls race was first and the Year 5 boys went after that.  Isaiah did really well and came 6th in his race.
Then it was time for the Year 6's.  The girls ran first and then the boys.  It was a long way round; some people thought it was harder than our cross country and some didn't.
Luke came 3rd in the Yr 6 boys race and Josiah came 9th.  They all did very well. 
(We think Bradford was the best behaved school)
And Madi looked after our hats!
Moana Pool
After we went to Ma-Fi Arts, we went to Moana Pool.  We walked from the Art Studio, up Stuart St to the pool.  When we had to cross the road we did the 'wave',
When we got to the pool the boys went with Wayne, Zoe's dad and they forgot to get their water slide bands before they went, but the girls didn't.  The girls went with Mrs Tobin but she had to go and take the boys back down to get their bands.
We went up to the pool and some of us went on the water slide and some went to the wave pool.  Mostly everyone went on the slide.  Everyone had so much fun running up to the slide, going down lots and lots of times.  There was lost of squealing by the girls mostly.  It was lots of fun.
Ma-Fi  Arts  Visit

Room 6 went to the Ma-Fi Arts Studio to make clay bugs.  When we got there Matt told us a lot about bugs, like how they shed their skin when they grow bigger.  First we looked at some insects; there were so many like spiders, wasps, praying mantis, fly, dragonfly and beetles.  We got shown the three parts of an insect.
Now it starts to get fun.  We got to pick an insect and it was hard because there were so many.  We made a base for the insect and then we made the head.  Some of us made it hollow but some didn't.  We all found it tricky at some stage but we persevered.  The legs were really hard to put on because they wouldn't stick.  Some people poked holes through the insect body and they will add pipe cleaner legs later.
The bugs are going to get fired in a really hot oven.  We had to make sure there were no sharp edges because after they are fired they go really sharp, and will cut you like glass.
Matt showed us the potting wheel and he made this awesome bug body.
Soon it was lunch time.  When Room 5 arrived we swopped and they did bugs.
 Welcoming  International  Students
On Monday 23rd February, Rooms 5 and 6 went to the University Plaza to welcome the students to New Zealand.  We had to take our shoes and socks off and leave them in the bus.  The concrete was really cold on our feet.  We all listened to Ange do her speech (Ange painted the mural on our library) and then we got in our lines and sang the waiata.  They loved it.
They cheered when we did the haka and some people were taking photos and some were videoing it.  There were a lot of people there and we felt quite nervous at the start but at the end we all felt proud.