Book character Dress UP day!
We look awesome - can you guess who we are?  Make sure you check out our media gallery too.
Week 6 Weekly round up
Memory flashback!!!  
This is the dance we did at the end of last term!
Tennis practice
Last week room 4 did some tennis.  We learned some new skills.  We learned how to hold the racket.   We learned how to hit the ball up and down.  we really enjoyed it. we can't wait in till he comes again.
Week 1 Reflection
Polyfest reflection 
On Wednesday most of Bradford School got into our Kapahaka unifoms, got on the bus and it took us to Polyfest, at the Edgar Centre.  First of all we watched some other schools and kindergartons perform.  They were ok to watch but I expected them to do more haka.
Then we went behind the stage, and the boys took their tops off.  Whaea Ana and Matua Kopua met us there.  There was a lot of sitting and waiting and we had to be silent.  That was really hard becasue we are used to talking a lot.
Next, the big kids went on stage first.  They did a haka to lead us on.  Lots of us felt really nervous.  I felt really good on stage.  We loved singing to the audience.  We could see our Mums and dads in the audience.   It was our first time at Polyfest and we are looking forward to doing it again!
by Dragus and Sammy
Week 7 Review
Arty Pants!
We have been playing around with fish prints over the last couple of weeks - make sure you check out our earliest offerings in the meda galleries!
Keeping safe at the end of the day!
We have been discussing how important it is to be safe at the end of the day when our whanau come to collect us from school.  We went over the rules together and then we even went and practised them!  We all know the right way to leave the school grounds, so if you aren't sure, just ask us here in Room 4!
*  Cars are not allowed to park or stop on the yellow dotted lines!
*  Make sure you use the crossing in the car park if you need to cross over to the other side.
*  Never cross the road at the top of Bradford Street - it is way too busy - you have to go back the long way round!!!
We have been SO busy in Room 4 that we have been forgetting to fill in our goings on in our blog!  We are very sorry!  We have started swimming this term - it is just awesome.  Kids have a lesson PLUS a long swim in the wave pool.  A huge thanks to all our awesome parent helpers who come and help out the teachers.
We are also learning a very flash dance with Stacy from the RASA dabce academy.  She comes along on Fridays and teaches us our dance moves.  We have also had a hockey expert coming along and helping us learn some new skills.
We have also been experimenting with some cool art!  Pencil sketching and print making - keep your eyes open for some pictures of our art on here!
End of the Term!
We put our thinking hats on again to reflect on the term we have jsut had.  We thought about all the things we have done, the great things, the not so good things and what we can choose to do to make changes for next term.
Bradford Science Expo.
This was the chance for everyone to share their learning and discoveries.  It was a fantastic afternoon and we had a ball!  Thanks to all the whanau who turned up to have a look!
Mad Scientists!
          Today was a great day for us in Room 4!  We spent our morning at the Otago Museum.  First of all we searched for evidence of light in the Butterfly House (cool!!!) and then we had a hunt for examples of friction and gravity in Discovery World!  Then it was off to the lab to undergo some real chemistry experiments.   Here are a few pics,  but you will find all of the photos in our albums.  Thanks to Greg Trounson for being our photographer!
We think it has been SO cold recently.  Perfect time to explore making ice cream without freezers or ice cream makers.  Do you think we could do it??  Yes we did!
Here are some pictures to prove we did but we aren't letting you know how.  You have to come along to our Science Fair to discover the secret!
 Taste tests!
We have been using our senses to find out about the world around us.  We have been asking questions and forming hypothesis, undergoing some experiments and test and then talking about the results.   Last week we were exploring sour, sweet, salty and bitter tastes.  I wonder if you can guess which one Ruby was tasting the pictures below??

and yes they can.  We had an awesome time with Chris on Friday.  He is very entertaining and informative.  We learnt so much including how easy it is to cook yummy and healty food.  We all, well, almost all of us tried some gnocci with tomato and silver wet.  We all thought it was pretty delish!
Today we tried to think what the letters in the word ANZAC.  Here are our ideas.
Homework tonight is to find out!
Police Visit 
Today Mr Sommerfie,d, the police officer came to visit us.  He talked to us about what police officers do and he showed us his uniforms.  Here are some of the things we learned;
Police officers can get arrested if they do something bad.
Police officers wear a stab proof vest.  It is made of Kevlar.
Police officers carry a baton with them.
You have to go to police school to train to be a police officer.
Police use dogs for sniffing out drugs and money.  They also use dogs to catch people doing bad things.
There are 250 police officers in Dunedin.  There are 5 police dogs.
They wear hit vis vests so people can see them.
They work closely with fire officers and ambulance officers.

Week 7 Superhero
SOPHIE!  This girl is so organised and helpful!  Thanks for all your hard work you do Sophie!

Week 7 Weekly Round up! 

Room 4's Stupendous Superheroes!
I just love these photos - for those of you who missed our assembly a wee while back - check out our capes and masks!
Week 6 Superhero of the week!
Carlos.  This kid is awesome!  He always does his very best and he works really well with others!
Weekly Round Up.
At the end of every week we are goign to be using our Thinking Hats to reflect on how it has gone and what changes we can make to make things run even smoother!  
Here is our first Weekly Round up!
Fire station visit!

On Monday, Room 2, 3 and 4 all traipsed off to the Central Firestation to learn about Firefighters and all the amazing jobs they do.  We also had some baking for them to say thanks for all the fantastic work they do for us - they are our heroes!  Here are some photos to share with you all - thanks Kylie! 
Week 4 and 5 Superheroes of the week!
Kayla and CJ.
Two fabulous memebers of Room 4.  Kayla quietly gets on with anything that is asked of her and she is a very caring member of the class too!   CJ has been making excellent choices about where he needs to work and who he needs to be working with.  He has also been super kind and caring to his freinds in Room 4!
Week 3 Superhero of the week
Dayton ! 

This guy is a true blue superhero, he thinks really hard about the choices he makes and he is being a fabulous role model to the others in Room 4.  He stays on task and can ask for help if he needs it!  Well done Dayton!

Superhero Masks.
Today we made Superhero masks in Room 4.  We used cardboard and Ms LIttle drew them and cut them out.  We stuck foam letter, matchsticks and stars and smiley faces on our masks and also little strips of coloured paper creatures.  It was all art stuff.
We put them out to dry and then after lunch Ms Little and Caroline put elastic string on them.
We think we look funny!
by Sophie and Charlie
Week 2's Superhero of the week goes to the beautiful and goregous Morgie!  Thhis young lady is a super helper and is ablt to work really well with her friends and by herself!
Our first Superhero of the week - Rangi.  This young man has shown amazing listening, sharing, helping and all round fabulousness this week!  he has constantly made awesome decisions!  What a roll model for the rest of us Rangi - Tino pai! 
(Please excuse the backwards writing - we took this on Photo Booth!)
Hi everyone!
Here we are 2015 - all ready to go!  We have had a a fantastic first 3 days at school, with lots of laughter, dancing and a bit of serious chit chat about being a caring classroom community!
Make sure you check out our pencil sktech self portraits on our portfolios over on uSpace.  We welcome to Room 4, Xenn from Mornington.  He is gearing up to be a great art expert here in room 4! 
We have really been enjoying the new furniture - the 'Hoki' stools are a hot fave - they allow you to rock slightly while you are sitting.  Make sure you come in and check out our new learning space.
Make sure you keep checking in here to see what we have been up too over the year!
Here's to a great year everyone!