Snazzy succulents!
We have planted a whole lot of succulent babies in our planters boxes out on the deck.  We think they look pretty cool!  Now we just need some sun so they can grow!
Thanks for our planters Room 6!
Check out our calendar art, you can order calendars and diaries!  You will find you art on your blog page!
An attitude of gratitude!
We've been thinking about all the things we are thankful for in Room 4 - here is a word cloud we made.
We decided that we are a pretty lucky bunch of kids here at Bradford School.  A suggestion was made that maybe we could bring in a toy or book that we wouldn't mind giving away to someone less fortunate than ourselves.  So over the next two weeks, we are collecting some goodies and then taking them to the Salvation Army!
Great idea Room 4 - I was very proud of you! 
Remember everyone - left first!!! 
Ice cream Friday!!
Due to our awesome work and behaviour, we had a treat on Friday!  
Blue boy ice cream.  The whole school lined up and devoured the ice cream in seconds!

Kids First Aid!
Last week we had Jan from the St Johns Ambulance come in and talk to us about what to do in an emergency.  We practiced ringing 111 and realised how important it is for us to know our address!

PE with Sean.  
Sean has been coming in and taking rugby skills sessions with room 4.  Liam was our photographer for the day!
Like a Bright Star 


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