New Friends in Room 3
Kyra-Leigh brought along a bucket of pond water last Monday - not just any bucket but a bucket with six little swimming tadpoles! Charlie brought along a fishbowl and now we have some pet tadpoles living in Room 3! Kyra-Leigh gave us some pond weed, a lovely big rock, some fish food and a water snail. The snail is very helpful as it is the tadpoles' maid - it keeps the fishbowl clean and tidy! We have been reading stories and drawing our own tadpoles as you can see in the classroom. We hope to see the next stage in the tadpoles life in the next week. We hope to see some little bumps that turn into stumps that turn into back legs soon. Come and have a peek!
 Check out Room 3's Creative Calendar Art below:
Week 4 Term 4
We have been busy creating some cool Christmas decorations to sell at the big Bradford School market day during our Prep inquiry time.
Last week we made some Christmas Countdown Blocks which we have packaged up for sale. Enzo is hard at work here working on a label to go with the blocks.
This week we used logs to create some awesome Santas that could decorate your house this December. Carlos is painting the log after drawing on the eyes and masking off the face area with masking tape.
We added a few decorative touches to finish then off and we think that look a million bucks! But don't worry, you can own your very own santa for just a few bradford bucks. You will have to wait and see what the price is once we have  added up all our material  and  labour costs.
We have been paid for our work in Prep and have had to choose what we might like to spend some of our money on this week. Some of us bought lolly cake, smoothies and some paid for a rippa rugby session run by some senior students. Its been lots of fun choosing!
What will next week bring??
Week 3 Term 4
We have been busy making ice blocks to sell as our first business venture. We got a loan of 130 B (Bradford Bucks) from the Bradford bank to pay for materials and our wages. We created a song and shared it with the classes to advertise our ice blocks that were going on sale on Wednesday. If you ask your child to sing it they probably can!
Come and buy our ice blocks.
Red and yellow and green.
3 bradford bucks for an ice block.
The best you've ever seen!

We have sold 44 ice blocks so far for 3B each which has just about paid back the loan from the bank. Soon we will be making a profit!!
We got paid on Wednesday ( for working in the Room 3 ice block business) and we have been thinking about what we might spend some of our money on. Some of us bought  ice blocks, some of us are going to go in the Room 4 races on Monday and some are going to Room 2's cooking class on Friday. We had to make some big decisions and we only had enough money for one thing. Next week we will get paid again and Room 5 and 6 will have some things for us to choose from. It is pretty exciting for us to be deciding what we will buy! We also have to save some money for the big market day at the end of the term so each week we have spending money and saving money otherwise we would spend it all!!
Week 2
Marae Visit

At the Marae


Brrm, brrm! The bus took Rooms 2,3 and 4 to the marae on Wednesday.


First we had to walk slowly and quietly. We heard speeches and songs. We had morning tea.


Then we were spinning the poi, looking at the plants and weaving flax headbands, belts and necklaces.

Written by Room 3
Week 1
We are going to visit the Marae next Wednesday - a notice came home today about this  - and we are beginning to practice our mihi to share when we are there. To view a video  of what this sounds like please click on the Mihi button to the right hand side of this page. Go to the bottom of the page and click on my picture to load the video. Click again to start the clip. It would be great to practise this every day. A paper copy of the mihi words will come home reading folders.
Term 4
Welcome back everyone to Room 3!  It's been a mixed bag of spring weather over the weekend with some rain and lovely sun but hopefully it will continue to warm up as we head towards summer!  Maybe some of you practiced your swimming from last term at the pool over the holidays  or enjoyed visiting family or some of our great playgrounds around the city. It will be interesting to hear all of your adventures this week as we get back into our routines. A class newsletter will be sent home this week via e-mail so look out for that. I hear the art exhibition was a great success and we will be thinking about ways we can spend the money raised by our class cake auction last term as well. We are all looking forward to another great term - see you at school!
Term 3 Week 6

This week we welcomed Corban and Azaelia to our class. They have had a busy week with swimming, first aid and soccer sessions. On Wednesday we had Jan from St John visiting and talking about the  services that help us when there is an emergency. She showed us pictures of police, fire and ambulance officers who have different ways of helping people. We talked about who we would call for different problems or emergencies that might happen. Some of us knew our address and phone number which is really important if we need to get help. Keep practicing this at home if you don't know where you live or your phone number.

Jan also showed us her little ambulance. It had three different sirens! Inside was some of the equipment that you might need if you were injured. One piece of equipment was an oxygen tank to help you breathe. Special medicine can go inside the mask to make you breathe better. When Jan turned the tank on it made a bit of a hissing sound and the water she used as pretend medicine came out like cold steam. The teddy she practiced on looked a bit like a dragon!

Well done to everyone who shared their poem to Room 2 and 3. We have been learning our poems for the last 3 -4 weeks and we all got up in front of the two classes and recited our poem off by heart. I was so proud of  the Room 3 children as it is rather nerve racking standing up there all by yourself and trying to remember the words! All the practice at home paid off. It was exciting for Lauren and Shimia to share their poem in front of the whole school this afternoon (Thursday) and there will be some special certificates given out soon at assembly.

Term 3 Week 4

Welcome to Madison who started today and to Ethan who is starting in Room 3 on Wednesday - it's great to have some more people to play and learn with! This morning we had a session with Lyn the artist in Room 1. We are working on adding designs to our plain old white curtain in our classroom. We have added the background colour which is a bright sunny yellow and we have started creating cool button designs to go on it. We used rollers and sponges to put the yellow paint onto the curtain. We also got to paint big cardboard numbers to use in the artwork as well. Last week we rolled over stencils of smaller numbers with lots of different colours. We think it will all look pretty amazing when it is finished.

Here are a couple of photos showing the art process in action. Sorry- some of the photos are upside down - a wee glitch with insertion but hopefully you get the idea!


Term 3 Week 3

Last week Levi and Konrad joined Room 3. We have now got 14 children in our class. 

We have begun exploring our art topic for the term. We have been looking at different pictures by artists and considering the colours they have used. Some art works used lots of warm colours and some have used cool colours. We have found out that the warm colours are red, yellow and orange and the cool colours are blue, green and purple. 

We are beginning our own art work based around creatures that swim and so we have used cool colours to represent the water. We have also explored different kinds of lines - straight, curvy, zigzag, dashed, dotty and curly lines. We scratched lines into the wet paint to see what effect they had. Here are some of our beginnings of our art pieces. Can you see the variety of lines we used?
 Term 3 Week 2

Welcome back everyone!
Dayton, Connor, Lucas and Owen have moved through to Room 2 and we have welcomed Liam to Room 3. We have some more children turning 5 very soon and they will join Room 3 over the next few weeks. Look out for them in the school newsletter.
In writing this week we had a picture about a giraffe that got stuck up a tree. We had to think about why the giraffe was up the tree and how he might get down! These are a few of our published copies for you to read.

Term 2 Week 8

On Friday we had our science expo sharing time. It was great to see so many friends and family come along to see and hear about all our learning this term. In Room 3 we shared our posters about how the sun, earth and moon orbit and rotate, our concertina books showing the solar system and also facts about the moon. We have worked on these over the term and we are very proud of all that we have learned. We were able to take some of the pieces home with us after the expo and more will go home next week.
Here are some photos of Room 3's sharing time.

Term 2 Week 7

We had our astronaut construction time on Friday. We each brought a soft toy to dress safely to survive in space. Our astronauts needed to have a spacesuit, a helmet, gloves, boots and a life support/jet booster pack on the back. We had some extra helpers from Room 5 which was handy as we needed lots of sellotape and gluing to hold everything together! Here are some photos of a few of our astronaut explorers. They are now 'exploring' our classroom and if you look closely in Room 3 you will see them hanging around!


Term 2 Week 7

On Friday Room 3 is going to have a special making time. In our space place in the classroom we have Elmo the Astronaut. We are reading a story this week about an astronaut getting ready to go into space and it tells us what the astronaut needs to wear to survive. Please bring a small soft toy that we can dress up like an astronaut. Don't bring a special one that you need to sleep with as it will hang in our room for a couple of weeks until the holidays. We are also looking for small plastic bottles and lids and tin foil for our making time.

Mercury Quiz answers
Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.     True
Mercury is the same size as the moon.        True
Mercury has air and water for plants and animals to live.        False
Mercury has lots of craters.                            True
Mercury has ten moons.                                  False
Mercury is a ball of iron.                                  True

There is no air or water on Mercury and Mercury has no moons at all.

Term 2 Week 6

Some space writing from this week.

I feel floaty. I see an alien with antennae. The things are calling.
By Carlos

I can see Jupiter. I hear rocks smashing into the moon.
By Reed

I see the earth spinning around the sun! I hear the aliens talking to each other.
By Shimia

We have also written some moon poems - they are hanging upon our classroom. Pop in and have a look.

Silver big
Ball of rock
Jump high
Moon            Owen

Shines at nighttime
Orbits the earth
No water
Moon             Charlie

And dust
You can jump
Big craters
Moon         Seth

Big craters
Silver and round
Made of rock
Moon        Kyra-Leigh

Tuesday May 27 - 10 o'clock start due to icy conditions.

Monday May 26th - School Closed today due to snow and road conditions.

Term 2 Week 4 2014

Last week Miss Cuttance our college teacher gave us a design task. We became rocket designers and had to use some common household materials to construct a rocket. We drew a plan of what we wanted our rocket to look like and then had to try and create that model with the materials we had to choose from. We really enjoyed planning and making our rockets. To make them look a bit more metallic ( rather than boxy!) we had some glitter to sprinkle liberally over our creations... we had some rather sparkly carpet as well! Here are some photos of the creative process!


Term 2 Week 3 2014

We have a new task to explore - a quiz !!  If you look on the right hand side near the bottom you will spot a quiz button. Click on the space quiz button and you will get taken to 7 questions based on our learning so far. You will need an adult beside you to guide you through as there is a bit of reading but have a go and see what you can answer.  Well done to Charlie who went home and did the quiz after we had a go in class today. Have a go at the "What does this start with?" quiz as well - you need to think about what letter the picture starts with. Good luck with our quizzes!!

Term 2 Week 2 2014

On Wednesday we went to the Otago Museum. We met up with Sam, the educator, and did some exploring around our space topic for this term. Sam got Shimia and Elijah to demonstrate how the earth rotates around the sun. The sun also slowly spins around in space. As the earth rotates parts have sun shining on it which makes it daytime in these parts. Other parts do not have the sun shining on them so they have night. Here is a picture of Earth Elijah and Sun Shimia. It really was a fluke that their names started with the correct letter for their space role!! 
In the background you can see the Starlab.   This is a big dome with air blowing it up. We crawled in through a dark dark tunnel and then sat inside the dome. There was a shadowy light so we could see a little bit while everyone came in. Then Sam turned the light down and we could see patterns of stars on the ceiling of the dome. We could see the moon rising and setting and she pointed out the southern cross constellation for us. It was pretty dark and we were all very brave about being in there. Some of us wanted to stay inside and some of us were very glad to crawl out after our time! There are no photos of us inside as it was too dark!
After being in the star lab we went on a trail around the museum finding lots of different objects along the way. Some were easy to find and some were a bit tricky. Here is a photo of Mrs O"D's group sitting on the friendly crocodile - always a good photo opportunity!

Term 2 2014

Welcome back everyone!  Today children were sent home with a set of instructions to help them get onto their own personal ultranet page  with a task to look at their media page. Some children have a short video of them saying their mihi from last term and others have a few photos to look at. The instructions are stuck into their home learning book so please have a look at their page. We have looked at a few today in class but children will need parental help to access the page - there are a few buttons to find and login details to enter and it's tricky to remember all the steps!! Your child will love looking at themselves on their page. This is a private page just for you and your child to enjoy together. 

Today (Wednesday) we went down to the gate to talk about how to be safe after school when we are walking out the gate.

We need to walk down the path inside the white line so we are off the driveway.

We need to stop at the gate by the white line unless we are with our adult/pick up person.

We need to watch out for the sneaky driveway just by the gate. We need to check that the cars isn't driving out.

We need to walk on the inside of the yellow lines to get to where our car is parked so we are off the road.

Sometimes we might go to the wrong side of Bradford Street and need to get to the other side. We should walk back around the yellow lines and go in the gate rather than cross the road. It is much safer because it gets very busy on this road after school. Please help us stay safe by following these guidelines when picking us up at the gate. Thanks!!

Term 1 Week 11 2014

Today (Wednesday) we hopped on a bus after lunch to a mystery destination - today was BVD - Bradford Values Day. All the children at the top of our behaviour levels chart were taken to the Edgar Centre for an afternoon of sports and fun activities. We were all mixed up in our whanau groups so we could earn points and get to know people from other classes. There were 6 stations - hockey, soccer, rugby, cricket, fun relays and parachute activities. We got to do 5 although we wished we could do all 6- they were so much fun. We were on our feet moving for an hour and 40 minutes but no one complained they were tired - we just kept on going and going. All too soon it was time to get back on the bus to go back to school. What a great BVD!!



Term 1 Week 10 2014

Today (Friday) we held our term 1 learning expo where parents and friends were invited to come along and visit us in our classrooms to see some of the things we have been working on recently. In Room 3 we shared some of our published writing about superheros and our islands of adventures. We also showed our bottle gardens and the plants growing in them and our  diagrams showing the different parts of a plant. We have some photos although its a bit hard seeing what we are looking at- there are lots of heads talking and sharing ideas. Some of our stories went home today and our bottle gardens will go home next week to be looked after  and planted into gardens.


Term 1 Week 9 2014

Here are some photos of our last PMP session . 

Here we are moving through the shapes without touching any part of it. We need to be aware of where all the parts of our body are and move them carefully.

These two photos show us tiptoeing through the rungs of the ladder and then moving heel to toe along the line on the ground. We are developing our sense of balance as we move.

Here we are using our hand eye co-ordination to catch the ball. There are different ways to throw and catch the ball so we are watching our parent help to copy the action.

Term 1 Week 8 2014

We started our PMP sessions today. (Perceptual Motor Programme) This is all about moving and how our body movements help to get our brain ready to learn. We are in 5 different groups which have their own special colour. Each colour starts at an activity - there are memory, fitness and  locomation stations along with hand/ eye coordination and balance stations. We get 5 minutes at each station and when the timer goes off we move quietly to the next activity. It's lots of fun and we get to practice lots of different ways to move. 

We have equipment sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays and we need to wear clothes that we can be active in. Dresses and tights are tricky for girls to wear in PMP as we need to be able to move on the floor and crawl around. Also we do our stations in bare feet so we need to wear shoes that are easy to get on and off. It's hard for Mrs O'D to do up 13 pairs of shoelaces at the end of our time! You can help us by reminding us to wear shorts, track pants or leggings on these days with slip on or velcro shoes. We don't have any photos of this time yet because we are all so busy being active there is no one standing around to take a picture! We might be able to get some later on.

Term 1 Week 6 2014

Today we had a BVD - Bradford Values Day - a special time when we all celebrate those children who are working at the top level of our class expectation chart. In keeping with our gardening theme we decorated some biscuits to look like flowers growing in dirt. We used chocolate icing as our dirt and cut up marshmallows to be the flowers complete with some sprinkles in the centre. They were very very sweet!!! We had some left over biscuits, sprinkles and chocolate icing so we got to take a chocolate biscuit 'sandwich' home in our lunchbox for later.  Here are a couple of photos of some of the children enjoying their biscuits.

Term 1 Week 5 2014

We have been learning about the main things plants need to grow. They are water, soil, air and light. We have started an experiment to see what would happen if some of these things were missing. We have some pottles in the classroom growing little lettuce plants and we have labels on them to show what we have taken away.

These pictures show the first two pottles. One has all that it needs - it will get water, sun (light), air and soil.
The second pottle has a lid taped on so no air can get in but it has soil, light and we will give it some water.

The first pottle will get no water over the next couple of weeks but it has light, air and soil. 
The second pottle has no dirt...well, there is a little bit on the roots that didn't shake off but not much.We will still give it some water, light and air.

The last pottle is covered by a box so no light gets to the plant. This is what it looked like at the start of our experiment - nice and green. What will it look like after some time with no sun??

We think we know what will happen. We think the plants without light, soil, air and water will probably die and the plant that has all it needs will probably grow really well. We will take some more photos next week to see what happens and make comparisons. 

Term 1 Week 4  2014

On Tuesday we went for a walk to Glenelg street to view some gardens belonging to some Bradford schoolmates. We were surprised that these gardens existed in the middle of the city. There were lots of trees,  a stream, a duckpond, big gardens, small gardens and lots of nooks and crannies to explore. We saw chickens, play areas, a few hidey-holes and even a skink garden. 

Here we are looking at an amazing  vegetable garden.                  
There were so many different types of vegetables to spot.

This is the duck pond. We saw a few happy ducks waddling around. There were fruit trees
hanging over laden with apples and pears.

We didn't see any skinks but they like living in these little clay pipes/tunnel houses and warm in the sun on the rocks.

The worm farm converts kitchen scraps into compost and worm tea to feed the plants in the garden. 
We saw some of the worms from under the scraps.

We were quite inspired by this visit and talked about our gardens. We found that there were lots of interesting gardens 
at our homes too.

Term 1 Week 3   2014

We had some special visitors today at Bradford School. Some very well trained dogs came with their owners to show us all their tricks. We oohed and aahed and thought how cute they were as they went through their paces. 

There were 9 dogs altogether and they all had something to show us. One could even fly like a helicopter....sort of...see the photos below. 


We learned how to treat dogs. They don't like hard pats on the head but they often like a little tickle or scratch under their chins. They like to be left alone when they are eating...a bit like us - we don't want someone taking our food either! It is always a good idea to ask the owner before getting close to dogs as some are more friendly than others.

We loved the visit from the Dogmatic show and we hope they come back again sometime.

Term 1 Week 2 2014

We have started to learn our mihi this week. This is a way of introducing ourselves in Maori. We have echoed each line after Mrs O'Donnell has said it so we can listen to the sounds and then have a go ourselves. Soon we will be able to say it on our own. 

If you click on the Mihi button on the right hand side under subpages  you will go to a page where you can see a little video of Mrs O'D saying her mihi. Click on the picture of Mrs O'D at the bottom of the page to get the video to play.

Ours is the same except we put our name in instead of Mrs O'Donnell's. Have a listen and see if you can say your mihi.

Kia ora koutou.
Ko Bradford toku kura.

Ko __________ toku ingoa.

No reira

Tena koutou, tena koutou,
Tena koutou katoa.

Term 1 Week 1 2014

Today we went to class in a, not travelling in a truck....we were sitting inside a truck learning!! It sounds strange but the Life Education mobile classroom was parked in our school driveway and we were allowed to go in for a visit.
We met Richard and Harold the giraffe. We learnt about how special we are and what our body needs. We didn't realise but we have some doctors in Room 3 - experts in the human body! It was amazing what we knew about our body and how to keep it happy and healthy. Our bodies need-
  • food
  • water
  • oxygen
  • sleep
  • exercise
  • to be clean
  • to be safe
  • and LOVE!
We have a few photos but as it was darkish inside the truck and Mrs O was using the i-pad the photos may not be the clearest!

Term 1 Week 1 2014
Hello everyone in Room 3!! I hope you are all looking forward to coming back to school and meeting up with your friends again! It has been such a long time since we have been together. I'm sure there are lots of shorter haircuts and longer legs and you will all have some great adventures to tell me about.
All you need to remember to bring at this stage is your lunch box and water bottle and your reading folder if you have it in your school bag. See you in Room 3!!
Mrs O'D