Room 6 Calendar Art
Our New Flower Pots
Woo-hoo!  Room 6 now have got lovely Marigold flowers outside on their deck. Us girls (Cairo and Zoe) volunteered to to plant them and put the dirt in them.  We are looking forward to watching them grow! 
Zoe's dad, Wayne, helped us plant them. 
We were able to buy the planting boxes with the profits from the saveloys that we sell every second week.  We have given boxes to all the other classes so they can plant something in them as well.
Written by Zoe & Cairo
Kids Can Cook
I wonder what Paige's job will be when she leaves school?  Maybe a chef.
Paige was chosen to be the sous chef and help Chris with the preparations.  She learnt how to crack eggs into a bowl using just one hand (I think a bit of shell got in there too but it was taken out).
We were learning how to make crepes and how to use simple ingredients to make a healthy meal.

          Chris showed us how to chop things quickly and safely.  So you don't cut the tips of your fingers off, he said you bend your fingers round so that the knife is against your knuckles and, most importantly, never, never look away.  You're a great teacher Chris, but you are looking at us as you're chopping!
   Once the crepe mixture had been whisked up and left to sit for a while, Chris poured a bit of the mixture into a pan and when one side was done, he flipped it over. 
After he filled it with some grated apple and chopped up silverbeet, he rolled it up and cut it into pieces.
          And then came to best bit - the tasting!  We had to pretend we were My Kitchen Rules judges and think carefully about the taste.  Campbell and Chris are thinking.  Then we gave it a thumbs up, side or down depending on how much we liked the crepe.
This was really cool and we can't wait until our garden grows stuff that we can put into our own crepes.


Awesome Art with Lyn
During the first three weeks of the term we all had an opportunity to help make some art pieces with Lyn.  As a class, we decided that we would say 'welcome' in lots of different languages.
We had to draw around our hand and arm and then create a pattern on it.  When we cut it out, we had a positive and a negative print to work with. 
Our background had to be coloured.  Here we are using cardboard scrapers to apply paint.

Room 1 looked a bit like a laundry when we had all finished!
When we came for our second session we were able to use the screen printing machine.  It was quite hard but the results were awesome.  Lyn is going to make our screen prints into a big Welcome banner for the back of our class.

Special Opportunity for our Kapahaka
Our senior kapahaka students were invited to the University Plaza to perform as part of a welcome to the new International students.  After the students were welcomed with a speech, our team performed and they were amazing!
It was very special to be invited to be part of the welcoming ceremony, as seeing Bradford children perform would be the first taste of New Zealand culture that many of the visiting students had seen. 
Look at all the people taking photos - I suspect many people from all around the world will be viewing our wonderful children

Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  It's BVD Day
Well, that was a surprise, wasn't it.  You never know when those sneaky teachers are going to pop a BVD into the term.
PJ's were the clothes of choice as children enjoyed some much loved Discovery Time.
Each class set up an array of activities, most of them revolved around our Space theme, and the children thoroughly enjoyed investigating & discovering.
 Above, Cairo is using a magnet to help her rocket spell Neptune.  Moana is blowing up his balloon to make his balloon rocket while Rylee from Room 5 lets hers gooooo!
Zoe has made herself a sundial and an alien mask.  Destiny is helping Ashleigh make her alien mask.  And these children are using straws and a marble to visit all the planets in the solar system.
I wonder when the next BVD will be??
Welcome back to Term 2.  It was great to see everyone arrive back refreshed and with huge smiles.
Our Place in Space took us to the museum where we visited StarLab.  We had to crawl inside a large dome where it was so dark you couldn't see who was sitting beside you.  Charlie, our tutor, shone stars on the huge dome above us and she pointed out some of the constellations.  Our overall favourite constellation was the scorpion.  
While Room 5 were in StarLab we did a hunt around the rest of the museum.  We were in groups and we had to visit different parts of the museum and answer questions.   It was really fun.