We have been sooooooooooo busy checking on our learning and self-reflecting on our goals that we have barely had time to blink!  It has been good to check what parts of our learning are going really well and which parts we would like to focus on next year when we set our new goals.  This is one of the seven C's we have at Bradford to help with our learning - Checking in.
Which leads us to checking out - Check out our fantastic golf skills that we learnt today with Ginny!!!

Already? We hear you say  - yes, it is incredible how fast the year is drawing to a close and we have so much to do! We have been busy making lapbooks with Joan on Monday and Thursday afternoons.  They are starting to really come together and we are looking forward to putting all our research inside them to share with you.  Today we spent the WHOLE day doing maths apart from a little break for school singing and then assembly at half two.  We had five different stations all about fractions.  Four of them we had to problem solve with each other and Mrs Knopp taught each group as they rotated to her table on the fifth station.  We learnt today that another way to describe that would be: four fifths of the stations were group work and one fifth of the stations had a teacher.  Those five fifths all made one 'whole' maths session.  Here are some photographs of some of the things that we had to do.  The animals one was a little tricky as we had to cut bales of hay into the right sizes to feed the different animals.  We then talked about how many whole bales of hay we needed.  The chocolate bar one was the favourite.  We had to prove that we could work it out with playdough first then Mrs Knopp checked and we got to do it with real chocolate bars that remarkably disappeared after we had solved the maths problem!!!

Well, we have certainly got back into the school term with a hiss and a roar!  Many great things have been happening in Room 5.  We have been lucky enough to have Joan (Ethan's Mum) coming in to share her great scrap-booking knowledge with us.  She is going to be teaching us techniques on Mondays and Thursdays each week.  We have already had three sessions with her and boy were we inspired!  Joan brought her scrapbooks in from home to share with us and we had a wonderful time looking through her precious photo albums and noticing all the different ways she had presented her information.  Speaking of information, we are going to be presenting our own informational reports in an interesting way this term as a Lapbook (more about this as we go throughout the term). 

La, la, la, la, la, la ... sing a happy song!  Boy, were Room 5 singing a happy song all the way to Rialto Theatre in town today to watch our own private screening of the 3D Smurf Movie today.  Kerrianne's Mum won this wonderful opportunity and invited Room 5 to come to the movies with her - we were more than happy to oblige! We set off in cars with 6 wonderful parent supervisors and had a fabulous morning.  For many children it was their very first 3D movie and they were absolutely amazed at how 'real' the glasses made the movie look.  After the movie, we returned to school for a quick bite of lunch then off to Moana Pool for some swimming until 3pm. Thank you to all those who helped make it such a 'magical smurfy day'.

Polyfest was as usual a roaring success with everybody up on stage singing and performing their little hearts out.  All the childrens efforts with Whaea Ana and Matua Kopua really paid off and we sounded spectacular! We looked pretty swish too in our uniforms!  Here are some photos of the big day...


WOW!  We were absolutely amazing on Thursday night!  All our hard work and practise really paid off as we came together to present the 2013 Bradford School Production of Jack and the Beanstalk.  There was hugging, there were high-fives, there were tears of pride (from parents) and grins all round.  Everybody was so proud and deservedly so!  It was a great team effort with many, many parents working nearly round the clock (one parent was sewing in the early hours of the morning the night before as we finalised the great costumes) and the kids looked absolutely fantastic!!! Thank you, we couldn't have done it without you! 
Thomas' Dad and Tara's Dad took masses and masses of great photos to share - here is a 'taste' of their efforts.  Thank you!

Reminder to practise the songs for the production as part of your home learning.  Click on the link below to take you to our School Daily Notices page, where you will find the songs in the resource tab.


What a huge week we have had practising daily for the Production that is this Thursday!  We are so incredibly excited to share all our hard work with friends and whanau.  On Friday, all the children in the school tried on their costumes and had a first glimpse of their 'real' character.  It was absolutely wonderful to hear the excitement in their voices as they admired themselves and others.  Much as I would like to post a photo and show you, it would be such a shame to spoil the surprise - you'll have to wait and see for yourself.  Only 5 sleeps to go now!

The teachers cannot thank enough the many parents who have worked tirelessly for hours and hours producing these masterpieces - without you this could not happen to the same level. You are all incredible!  

See you all on Thursday at the Kavanagh Auditorium...

Remember to keep practising your oral fairytale retells - more than 90 seconds and less than 4 minutes please.  The competition for the cup is not far away and you need to put your best foot forward - knowing that you have practised really hard and done the very best that you could do.  I am sure looking forward to seeing the results.


What fun we had with the Kahurangi Performers this week.  They split us into three different groups which operated on a rotation.  One group did Titi Torea, another group learnt a traditional waiata from the North Island, whilst the last group learnt a new haka in R6. The hour just flew by!  This coming week we are off to our local Marae to practise our Polyfest performance with Whaea Ana and  Matua Kopua.  In amongst all that we are still practising our acting and singing for the upcoming Jack and the Beanstalk production Bradford style.

Here is one of the groups practising Titi Torea

WOW!  What an absolute treat we had this morning when the Kahurangi performers travelled down from Hastings to sing and perform for us!  The enthusiasm and warmth they demonstrated was amazing and we talked about how we found ourselves smiling back at them with really wide smiles (funny how that works when people smile at you).  They took us on a 'journey' to many of the islands of the Pacific.  The performers dressed up for each island in appropriate costume for the people that live there.  Then, they taught us how to say 'Welcome' in that language and sung us some traditional music from that land.

But the best is yet to come when on Monday we get to participate in a workshop run by the Kahurangi performers - boy are we excited!

Week 2
We have been practising our fairytales knowledge furiously all week in preparation for our big Assembly Presentation of our very own Millionaire Hot Seat!  Our host, Deacon Harris, kept the 'real' questions a secret until today when we performed live in R1.  How it worked was that if we got a question correct we got to progress to the next level.  If we passed we could come back and try again later - but there was no passing on our first go.  The clues were varied and got harder and harder as we went along.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time to finish it so we will continue with the second half on Monday at Values Assembly and let you know who won!
Tigue and Steven were in charge of the prize board and took turns letting the contestants know how many Bradford Buckaroos each question was worth.  Here they are with their prize board:

Week 1
Welcome back to another exciting and busy term!  What a fantastic time we had on our last day of term - all the PrEP efforts finally came together in a marvellous Market Day that was certainly enjoyed by all.   There were some great bargains to be had on the day and a superb turnout from whanau!