Week 9
Year 6 Camp at Dansey's Pass
Check out these pictures of some of the activities that they did:

Week 8
Boy!  Did we have to wait ages for this day.  A few weeks ago children were asked to bring along a change of clothes in a plastic bag and hang them on their hook in the cloak room.  At that time, they had no idea what they were going to be used for, but they soon figured it out.
All we needed was a fine day.  And heaps of children at the finish line.
YES!  A BVD day.
EVERYONE PARTICIPATED & had heaps of fun.

Week 6
Super Snazzy Shoe Day

Cool kids.  Cool shoes.  Our ever creative council come up with the idea of having a Super Snazzy Shoe Day - and what a great idea it was!  Heaps of kids came to school with snazzed-up shoes.  Children were asked to bring along a gold coin donation, the proceeds of which went towards the fundraising effort for the people of the Phillipines affected by Typhoon Haiyan.
Awesome job kids - $150 raised.

Week 5
Welcome to the Maths Cafe.
Maths Cafe is run as part of the regular maths programme in Room 6.  Children are given a problem that they have to solve.  Most children have found that '2 heads are better than one', so group work is vital.  It is really cool listening to all the mathematical conversations that are taking place.
Here is an example of the type of problem that they might get:
     Arrange five animals in separate pens so that
                  *  the cow is beside the chicken
                  *  the horse is in the pen at the end
                  *  the pig comes after the cow
                  *  the duck is beside the chicken

This group are working together to solve a similar problem

and just when they think they have it solved and are finished, they get presented with a further challenge!!

Week 3
Friday this week saw the return of the ever popular Discovery Time, this time with a science focus.  There were heaps of activities for the children to choose from, all having a scientific background or explanation.  Here are some photos of children engrossed in their learning:

Week 2
This week we welcomed our teacher trainees with a powhiri.  Following is the stages of our powhiri in pictures with a brief explanation of what is happening in each photo:

Salani, Rebecca and Anika, who represent the tangata whenua, call our visitors on.
Alyssa, Arleyah and Cairo are the manuhiri (visitors) and they walk slowly up the driveway responding to the call of the tangata whenua,
The tangata whenua are the first to speak so Josiah introduces himself his reading his mihi.
After the speeches, we sing a welcome song.  
Kyran speaks on behalf of the maunhiri.  The speakers always have to be a male.  After the speeches, another song is sung, this time by the manuhiri.
After the speeches, we hongi (touch noses) and haruru (shake hands).  This is led by the kaikaranga, followed by the girls, then the boys and finally the speakers.  This is the end of the formal part of the powhiri, with the sharing of breath we are now all one.
The powhiri ends with a karakia and the sharing of kai.

Week 1 - Term 4
Wow!  It's a scary thought that we're into our final term of the year.
It was great to see everyone back, refreshed  and excited about the final term of the year.

Our assembly this week showcased the musical talent that our kids have.  Each week the children have had a 40minute session with Mrs Bowen, our specialised music teacher, and my goodness! - what a special teacher she must be as the playing was totally fantastic.  All children participated in playing marimbas and the sound was amazing. 

The looks of concentration on faces tell it all:

And the delight is obvious:

 Final Week - Term 3
Gosh the term has certainly flown by and has been chocka-block filled with action.  These last two weeks Rooms 5 & 6 have been swimming and I'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the parents who helped by actively supervising the children while they were in the wave pool.  It is great to know that you were really 'looking out' for our children.
Following are some photos taken at the pool.  Enjoy.


Jack & the Beanstalk
What magnificent performers we have at Bradford School.
Nerves were a-plenty on the day of the production and the changing room at Kavanagh was a buzz of nervous excitement before we all filed over to the auditorium.  The children looked spectacular in their costumes; they had learnt their lines and practiced their dances and were ready for the big show.

Here are just a few photos from the night:

Cross Country Championship
On Friday, Callum and Campbell competed in the Cross Country Championship which was held at Kaikorai Valley College.  Way back in Term 1, all our Year 5 & 6 children competed in our zone cross country at Balmacewen.  From there, the fastest ten in each age group went on to compete in the Championships.  
Both boys had been practicing for the event with Callum running the course and Campbell running part way home each night after school.  
There were about 100 children in each race which made the start very interesting.  Everyone had to jostle for their place.  The track was quite muddy in places and our boys crossed the finish line with splatters of mud up their legs.
Both boys did very well and we are all very proud of them.


Week 6
Busy... busy... busy...   I think that describes this week quite nicely.
Each afternoon we are all getting together to practice our production, Jack and the Beanstalk.  Next Thursday is the BIG NIGHT where all will be revealed.

Also coming up is our whole school oral language competition where every child in the school is to retell a fairy tale.  Our class have been busy practicing both at home and at school.  We have looked closely at the rubric which tell us what is expected in the way of presentation, and we have established 'Panels' where each child is critiqued by a panel of their peers.  Each time we retell our fairy tale we focus on a different goal.  We also give suggestions as to what people could focus on for the next time.

Here are two of our 'Panels' discussing the retell of other children.

    Ethan is listening to the feedback from his panel.

  This Panel is deep in discussion.

Week 5 - part 2
I couldn't resist doing a second wiki this week as so much has been happening.  On Thursday we were very lucky to have a very special
lady come and take a drama lesson.  Sara has been in many shows at the Fortune Theatre, including The Twits. 

We started the lesson with a game that taught us the importance of eye contact when we are acting.  The games were fun and we managed to go quite fast in the end.

Sara also talked about 'status' when we are on stage - which of the characters is more important that the other, and we did some really cool freeze frames about that. 

We performed some of the scenes for Sara and she gave us some tips on how we could improve our performance. 

Remember to practise the songs for our upcoming production of Jack and the Beanstalk every night.  Here is the link to the School Daily Notices where you will find the songs and words in the resources tab.

Week 5
With only a few weeks to go until our Polyfest performance, this week we visited the Araiteuru Marae where Anna and Kopua took us for kapahaka.  We practiced one of the songs together and then split up into boys and girls.  The boys did the haka with Kopua and the girls practiced the poi with Anna.
Boys need to have a strong back, chest out & head up

To help the boys learn the words of the haka, Matua wrote them on the whiteboard and then every time they were read through, a line (or two) was rubbed out.  Kyran was chosen to be the Kaea and he was really proud of that.  The boys learnt that their arm actions had to be strong and purposeful, not like limp, soggy cabbage.  Matua made it fun by making up silly stories and doing silly actions.

The girls worked with Anna and they made heaps of progress with the poi.  Did you know, that if a girl (lady) drops her poi, she is not allowed to pick it up - that must be done by a male. 

After lunch, the groups got back together and practiced as one whole unit.  They had to stay in straight lines and were encouraged to sing loudly and have beautiful smiles on their faces.

Not all work though - some games were played.  In one game, you had to pretend you were doing push-ups and move around the room trying to unbalance others by flicking their arm out.  If the other person lost their balance or had to use their knee to support themselves, then they were out - great fun.

      The boys loved this game.  Even Matua joined in.
No, Xanthe isn't pretending to be a chicken.  This is another of the games that Ana and Matua taught us.

Week 4
We were all very excited when the Kahurangi performers arrived at school.  This group, from Hastings, travel all over the world sharing their knowledge of the peoples of the some of the islands in the Pacific.

They took us on a journey from Fiji to Tahiti, from Samoa to New Zealand.  At each 'stop' they shared some stories, music and dance and dressed in national costumes.

It was very exciting to watch and we all had our own favourite at the end.

Week 3
I'm not sure about you, but this week seemed to fly by.
Wednesday saw the annual netball game; Teachers v Students.  I'm convinced that some of the teachers managed to confuse netball with rugby as there was quite a bit of physical contact going on - and they blamed the kids!
We could be excused for thinking that we were competing for the World Cup, such was the cheering from the sideline.

Unfortunately for the kids, superior skills, strength, height and cunning won the day for the teachers.

Great fun.  Looking forward to challenging the kids again next term, maybe t-ball?  Oops - that requires running!

  The teacher's huddle     The kid's huddle


Week 2
Our focus in class this week is practice for our production, Jack and the Beanstalk.  Each day we do a 'reading circle' which is where we sit in a circle and read our lines.  As well as learning them, we are trying to use some expression and speak in a loud clear voice.  Friday's circle was the best yet - maybe it was because we all had to stand up to deliver our lines. 

Before each reading, we warm up with some tongue twisters.  Try these:

How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?

The big black bug bit the big black bear,
but the big black bear bit the big black bug back!

be careful with this one:
I saw Susie sitting in a shoe shine shop.
Where she sits she shines, and where she shines she sits.


What a noticeable difference this morning in both the temperature (a little warmer) and the degree of lightness.  Josiah pointed out that this means that spring is on its way - Yipee!


Things are really heating up as our Market Da
y for PrEP looms closer.  Businesses are busy making prototypes and then surveying their potential clients to see if the product is going to make them a profit, or not.  Many business ventures have had to go back to the designing stage and change their first sample, based on what others had said.

The accountants have to make sure that their workers are paid and that they have enough money to purchase items from the warehouse. 

Everybody is busy, busy, busy working together.


Things are really heating up as our Market Da
y for PrEP looms closer.  Businesses are busy making prototypes and then surveying their potential clients to see if the product is going to make them a profit, or not.  Many business ventures have had to go back to the designing stage and change their first sample, based on what others had said.

The accountants have to make sure that their workers are paid and that they have enough money to purchase items from the warehouse. 

Everybody is busy, busy, busy working together.

Surprise - it's a BVD Day

Picture this:  silent reading after lunch, heads bowed, concentration etched on faces, the only sound being that of pages being turned.  In the distance a faint melody is heard, an unmistakable tune.

"Mr Whippy."  Whispered at first.  Heads pop up, eyes turn expectantly towards the window as, up the driveway, song playing loud and clear now, comes the one and only - MR  WHIPPY!

Then came the announcement - "It must be a BVD day!"

All children who were on the finish line of our race track were treated to an ice cream.

BVD days are just one way that we acknowledge the children who uphold our Bradford values and who consistently do their best, so congratulations to all those children who participated.

Remember:  you never know when Mrs Mitchell-Bain is going to surprise us with a BVD day, so just to be on the safe side, make sure you all remain on that finish line.

Sports with KVC

Each week some senior students from Kaikorai Valley College come and take us for sports.  At the moment, we are focusing on netball skills.  We start each session with some warm-up games.  One of the games we really love is a paper, scissors, rock game where we have to run around the line of the semi-circle.  When we meet a person from the other team, we do paper, scissors, rock.  The winner runs on to meet the next person and to see if they can get all the way round the circle.

Then we do some drills.  This week we were learning how to catch the ball, pivot (which means turn around moving one foot only) and throw the ball to the next person in the line.

We also enjoy a circle game where we have to stop the ball from going through our legs.  We have to move very quickly for that one.

It's really fun and we look forward to or weekly sessions.

What to do with all those empty milk cartons in 11 easy steps:

Step 1:  insert straw                                                                                                                            Step 2:  drink milk                             

Step 3:  remove straw                             Step 4:   with hole facing up                        Step 5:  squeeze sides until flat
                                                                        turn top flaps out

Step 6:  turn in bottom flap                     Step 7:  fold in sides                                 Step 8:  fold over along dotted line

Step 9:  tuck in bottom flap                      Step 10:  insert straw                                Step 11:  place in bin provided

And that's all there is to it!  Come to assembly on Friday 14th June and see who is the Fastest Folder.

Mini Market Day

Today was a bit of a treat for the two senior classes as they were invited to attend the mini market day being run by the juniors.  These busy juniors had been making kebabs and smoothies as part of their PrEP.  There was great excitement as those with enough money lined up to purchase yummy treats.  Unfortunately, not all had enough money to buy something - a wee lesson on looking after your money carefully.


I sent three children off on what I thought was a 10 minute task.  Half an hour later when they returned I wondered what on earth they had been up to.  A quick look soon told me that they had been very busy indeed.

Have a look at this:  

 Our free milk in schools fridge arrived last week and was soon chocka-block with milk.  We have milk monitors who are going to be responsible for delivering  milk to classes each day.   There is a special way to fold up the cartons once they are empty and the senior children are going to teach the little ones how to do this quickly.  We might even have a competition to see who is the fastest folder, once we get really good at it.


There was
huge excitement and anticipation in the final week of Term 1 as Bradford Values Day approached.  Questions had been asked as to where we were going.  Parents had volunteered to help.  'Was it the beach?' I heard someone say.  'Probably the pool.'

Warm clothes, hats, even gloves.  In the bus and off we go.


Boots fitted and checked and on to the ice.  There were a few wobbles at the start but by the end some children were zipping round with

Arms and legs looked like windmills turning on a summers day as children attempted to keep their balance.

As teachers, we were pleased to be able to celebrate
with the children who consistently display our Bradford Values, and we are already planning our next 'top secret' BVD. 

  Brayden was not the only one to spend time ON the ice.  At least he's still smiling.  Good one Brayden.

You've got the Power
'Wow!  How did he do that?'

All of us, teachers included, were wondering the same thing as we watched Elgregoe the magician perform his tricks.  Plucking birds out of nowhere, making white rabbits appear, sticking swords through a box that the assistant was in, and heaps of other stuff had us all mesmerised.

All these wonderful tricks had a very special message:  You've got the Power to be a Hero.  Heroes help others in the school by treating others how you want to be treated. 

22nd March
Better than the Moovies
Some of us wore gum booots while others just wore shooes.  Whatever, we all managed, as a grooup, to dodge the pooo to proove (or disproove) what we already knew about coows.

Exciting trip!  The smell was revolting!  As we got of the bus, many of us almost climbed straight back on as our nostrils were assaulted by a smell that can only come from cows.  Pooh!

The cows were all waiting for us - actually, they were waiting to be milked.  The herd manager, Hamish, had ten cows in the shed and he showed us how to put the suction cups on that gently draw the milk out of the cow's udder.  The men worked in a space below the cows so that their udders were at the right height. 

We actually saw the milk as it was sucked out.  Cool!

When these cows were finished, they were let out to go back to the paddock and some more were brought in.

We had lost of questions to ask Hamish and here are some of the things that we found out:

18th March
Sports Day at KVC
I bet there were some tired bunnies on Friday night after an amazingly busy, fun-filled afternoon of sports at Kaikorai Valley College.
We had the opportunity to experience 8 different sports, beginning with indoor bowls, which was challenging because if you didn't have the bowl the right way round then if would roll in the wrong direction.

In tennis we had to make a 'burger' with our rackets and balls - that required a lot of teamwork.

Judo was fun.  The instructors taught us how to do a safe fall and then they showed us some harder ones.  They slapped their hands on the mat and it made a really loud noise.

Another favourite was touch where we did some drills before we played a game.

Amazingly we played ice hockey on a hot sunny day.  They had a special floor which was really slippery, just like ice.  We were taught how to hold the stick and how to shoot a goal.

Other sports were hockey, netball and squash.

What a great day we all had.  It was hard work ambling back to school where most of us collapsed on the floor with a nice cool drink.

8th March
Cross Country
WOW!  What an amazing afternoon we all had along at Balmacewen.  We had been practicing the cross country by running our school course each day.  Mrs Tobin times us when we run and we try really hard to beat our time.

re were four races: Yr 5 girls, Yr 5 boys, Yr 6 girls, Yr 6 boys.
We had to run all the way round the Kaikorai Rugby field; phew it was a long way.  We were chanting and cheering on the other Bradford
We all did really well but Callum and Campbell did the best.  Callum came first in the Yr 5 race and Campbell came 9th.  This means that they will be in the championship race at the end of the year.

4th March
Reading Rocks
I bet toda
y is a day that Ethan won't forget in a while. 

Adrian came
to tell us all about the importance of reading.  He brought with him some of his favourite books that he had enjoyed reading both as a kid and as an adult.  One was about juggling; and from reading it over and over, he taught himself to juggle.  He showed us how to juggle 5 balls at once - something that took a lot of practice. 

He needed an assistant for his 5 ball juggle so he asked us all to cross our arms, our legs, our fingers and our toes, our eyes and our ears - AND THEN HE SPOTTED SALANI who had the most amazing crossed eyes ever!  Salani had to hold a hat and catch the balls at the end of his juggling.  Unfortunately, she was hopeless.  First she dropped the hat, and then she couldn't get any of the balls to go in.  It was really funny.

Through reading he also learned how to do many tricks, like balancing a ball on a stick which was balanced on his face.

At the end of the show he needed another assistant and this time he chose Ethan.  Ethan had to climb up on Adrian's shoulders.  He really had no idea what was going to happen until a unicycle was brought out.  (Adrian calls them looney-cycles because he says you have to be looney to ride one).  Up they went, with Mrs Knopp's help.  The look on Ethan's face was one of sheer terror, especially when Adrian told him he had to do a somersault  when he was getting down.  Luckily he managed to get off safely. 

more pictures in Media Gallery

22nd February
Warriors Visit
at a huge surprise we got today when some of the Warriors visited.  There were two Warriors and two players from the Otago Whalers.  We all went out and did some drills with them. 

First we had a game of bull-rush.  In this game, you had to be very good at dodging because other people were trying to tag you.  If you were tagged by them, you had to help catch the others.

Then we had some team games where we had to pass the ball and run with it.  Ali said that you had to hold the ball like a sandwich or else someone might know it out of your hands.

Unders and overs was fun but you had to work as a team and go very fast.

When we got back to class, some of us won drink bottles and hats by answering questions.

It was a really cool day.

There are more pictures in Media Gallery.

18th February
Leader's Day was a huge success. 
The first thing we did was play some co-operative games where we had to work as a team.  We quickly learned that listening to the ideas of others and trying them meant we managed to get finished.  We played a great game with 3 different coloured balls.  The balls were passed across the circle and you could only sit down when you had had the three colours.  Through teamwork we managed to get faster and faster.

We had some special visitors from the Southern Steel.  They talked about the importance of being a leader and a good team member.

After morning tea we broke into groups.  One group went with Mrs Mitchell-Bain and looked at peer mediation.  One group was with Claire and she talked about peer writing.  The other group was with Katie and they did some PALs activities.

At the end of the day we found out about all the leadership opportunities at Bradford.  Some of us are going to apply for them.

11th February
Greetings everyone.  We have a magic class of kids this year - take a look and see what a super special bunch they are.
Harold greeted us on our first day and we learned all about how unique each of us is.  We are all helping to set up our class: we have to help decide where we put our desks, what furniture we want in the room, what our class expectations are (because Mrs T says we don't have 'rules'), and how we'd like our timetable to look.  Some of us tried to 'accidentally' miss maths out but we didn't get away with that!<<